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The top stories we're following for you on WTO P an estimated 1000 people with the women's March, protested in front of The White House today, some tying themselves to Gates demanding the federal government protect the right to an abortion nationwide, no arrests were reported. Police are giving more details today about the deadly shooting that happened after they responded to calls of a man in crisis on Thursday and maclean. Fairfax county police say they first tased then shot 26 year old Jasper lynch after he threw a tribal mask in an officer and swung a bottle at him. They initially were called to respond to an individual in crisis. COVID cases are searching once again nationwide numbers are so high in New York City, health officials are once again recommending people mask up the COVID variant BA 5 appears to be more transmissible and vaccine resistant than earlier strains. Stable WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. Ten 18, their reign today prompted the cancellation of the fireworks show in Alexandria tonight, but it's rescheduled for tomorrow at 9 30. The city is celebrating its 273rd birthday. It will take place at Veronica bay park near the water, which can sometimes flood when it rains a lot. At ten 18 traffic and weather together on the aids and hello Carlos Ramirez and the WTO traffic center. Hey, Jenny, we'll start off here if you're headed along this suitland Parkway as an all the accident scene is reported to be just as you make way past earth Sterling avenue. Do you watch after that? That's on the outbound side. You got delays in either direction there between a suitland Parkway and over towards Sterling avenue. Watch out for that on and off delays through that area. If you're headed inbound just as you make, it looks like it's the work zone here on the inbound side of the suitland Parkway headed towards D.C. two 95. Do you watch out for that? Every now and again, they do like to shut things down near the Frederick Douglas bridge It doesn't seem to be the case just yet, but I will keep an eye on this one in case that does end up being the case. D.C. two 95 is running nicely, no issues down towards the 11th street bridge, BW Parkway looks good as well. No issues on route 50. However, slight volume delay on the eastbound side had to pass three O one across the bay bridge, standard traffic patterns right now, no issues, no delays, no work zones, down to Virginia, the once bound side of 66 has the first work zone, it's going to be after one 23, had it just passed route 50. You're going to be slow on your approach towards a fairfax county Parkway. It looks like the work crew is letting by a single right lane as expected. Also watch out in mcclain should still be dealing with some downed wires there along the Georgetown pike near old dominion drive. I do hear that phone number ringing. If you happen to see something like the person giving us a call right now, give us a call at one 8 6 6 three O four. WTO, the traffic tip line KCC something I do not, of course. I'm Carlos Ramirez. WWE traffic

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