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It's the Utah word of the day, and today's word is can a card. Kanna card K a N a k A. R N canna Guard And now here they are once again to help us kick off this brand New year with another Utah word of the day. Today's conversation finds our Utah stalwarts discussing what's for dinner. They're standing on the bars front porch socially distanced, of course in Utah County, as the following scene takes place. Again. The word is can a card. Hey there, Lou Graham. Hey, What brings you down here to my place? You ain't been getting out much since No. The cove ID. Well, that's true. I mean, I'm really scared to catch it, because because of my underlying condition, my underlying health condition I mean, I'm afraid it would be the end of me if I was to get the virus because of Well, you know, because of my Underlying health condition. That's that's why you ain't seen me down here to your place in recent that's Oh, I didn't know that. I didn't know you had an underlying health condition. You mind me asking what your underlying health condition is? It gives you extra fear of the cove it well, I thought it was pretty obvious. It's these here red patches on my hands. You mean you're Exuma? That's what then patches are, you know? Yeah, I know. I mean, that's just dry Scalea skin on your knuckles. They're Exuma isn't an underlying health condition that would make the cove it any worse. I'm not taking no chances. I mean, you never know. down here to Spanish Park to talk about my Exuma came down here to get something from your food storage. Now you remember when we bought all them cases of food together? Oh, yeah. I've been keeping all the stuff in my storage for you until you finish building your bunker. But you ain't done building that thing Have you know I ain't done. But I will take a case offered here today. I don't need the whole case. I just need a can of corn, But I'm not Well, I might as well take the whole case of card because I will, even eventually It's up to you, my friend. They're your cases, and it's your card. I mean, you could take it all or just one can. ID card makes no difference to me. Yeah. I don't I don't really want to carry it all. Never mind the case. Just bring me one Can a car can ID card it is. And how about I get you some sad for that? Excellent too. Join.

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