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Number very good afternoon. So much for hanging out with us. Up next. Our Steve Kerr injured Bagley about the warriors win over the nuggets last night talking about Kevin Rankin tossed after X Arba was oh, I think quick with the trigger but words were uttered for sure so. Kevin durant? Got us fifteen technical of the season. And it's a one sixteen one or two final four the warriors Steph. Curry did something of note last night along with scoring seventeen points in the win. He's now fourth all time in the war. You're scoring list. Chris Mullin last night. That's a big one a huge one. That is a biggie. It's crazy to think every time we talk about Steph curry just seems like every couple of weeks. We're talking about another accolades got. Yeah. Pretty credible. Who was number number one? I mean, do they count? Philadelphia's it will like the warrior organization, it'd probably will. It'd be up there with his Ariza was up there as well as close just trying to think who else would would be up there. I mean when I think wars, Golden State Warriors. That'd be Rick Perry. I guess the Molly played here longtime points to, but he's so Chamberlain berry reason curry mullet top five. Yeah. I mean, that's quite a, but then again, it's just it doesn't shock me though. At this point with him. I mean. Seems like for me. This seems like Steph has been around for fifteen years because we're always talking about him and his name's all of these records championships. But in reality what he's done in the amount of time that he's done so far. It's so impressive. He really has transcended the game to where it is in two thousand nineteen which is look at the rest of the the league and how everyone's trying to chase this team. And I it's been the craziest ride. I can remember being a fan of any team in the bay area is what the warriors have been doing for five years. You're going to be able to make a pretty solid case. They went another championship for two. And he plays pretty much entire career here if not entire career here. Might be the greatest bay area ever. It's because he can't recant really can't will cause he wasn't here. What was part of the organization, but those Philadelphia so he wasn't. He wasn't in the bay area. I think you would you go Montana rice bonds got to be in there somewhere. Definitely in there. Absolutely in there. Sharks? Joe thorton? Greatest raiders. Of all time. You know, it's kind of I was the first person that popped into my mind was Tim Brown when he was in for a long time. But the impact that the Oakland Raiders for sure. Gray stabler stabler. I mean, the coffee can go all those guys in the seventies a lot with you. No. He's just being an ass. Right. Okay. Is is I mean, that's. That's standard operating procedure. You I think you're onto something though, when it's all said and done, I think we are going to be talking about stepping the greatest bay area athlete we've ever seen because of not only what he's done with the organization, but what he did to the sport. That gave berry was so fun to watch. I mean, obviously, we know going out there and watching match was unreal. I don't think he changed the way that the game operator while around like the the entire NBA trying to take down the warriors what they've built. And I don't think berry had that much of an impact here would be the knock against berry, and he would be right there. The top of the list the Knox against berry would be. He started his career somewhere else. Plays entire career with the giants have to include the the steroid conversation and not that it was his fault. Because it wasn't because you can't manipulate baseball. He can't basketball as one player. He didn't wanna championship with the warriors were looking at three possibly going on four. This is a guy who two time MVP, I think very seven. But again, those were with the pirates one thing very does have gone form along with his greatness. Obviously was he's from grew up here. Right. I mean, he was like giant from the time. He was born. He was a giant. And then ended up being having his greatest years with the giants. But there's no doubt the way this is going to be the greatest gold state warrior of all time pass wilt for warrior of all time pass, Rick Barry, and those guys great as Rick was he will be the greatest warrior. There's no doubt in my mind. And I think if I'm if I'm bay area. Athletes the greatest that the. The top four to me would be bonds Montana rice in Steph. Those those would be the four Joe is going to be there. They went to championship down, San Jose. And he's a former MVP a hall of Famer he would certainly be in that mix. A lot of raiders I'm not thinking because a lot of the best raiders were often linemen and defensive lineman. Great line. No, you're absolutely right. Right. Like art shell was you don't really think of like offensive linemen like is like the greatest athletes. I know but like. Great Willie Brown was fantastic. But they're dead. Great players, but not to that not to that level. And like. Steve young. It'd be the next down. It'd be it'd be right there as well. The hall of Famer great quarterback. But yeah, I think I think Montana rice bonds and curry. Ultimately like look at the pretty good force to think about. Garg? You be the best quarterback of all time. Not arguably the greatest receiver of all time. One of the greatest hitters grits. Baseball players of all time and gonna go down as one of the greatest basketball players of all time because. You hit on it. We've talked about it forever. He was part of the revolution. And he took it to the next level that no one else can really get to Dame a little bit like him. And that he has that crazy range kills off the dribble from anywhere guys. Spot up jump shooters a lot of guys can shoot through the dribble. But usually fairly close to the line. These guys are just like all over the court, and they always distort the court 'cause you're not used to guarding somebody that far out, and it just everyone has to guard more real estate it's tougher to guard those guys and tougher to guard the teams they play on. But there's not a lot of guys that can do it. He does. And but but it's a different game now because of those types of players that are just crazy shooters, and he'll definitely go down the greatest shooter in the history of the NBA when you think about range and accuracy because he's shooting forty percent from three shooting like eleven twelve game not four or five three's a game. He's amazing is absolutely. Amazing and. I would say Barry was the only one out of those four who coming into baseball. He was expected to be great like he was expected to be a great player because you know, is relationship does dad, obviously. Willie Mays and just that just and I know it wasn't like his dad was like, they're teaching them all this stuff because he said it, you know, that's playing and all this stuff out of just thought. Okay. This guy's pretty good by the time. I mean, I didn't know him was on a state and you saw good. He was like, okay. This guy. Montana was supposed to Montana. I don't know that anybody thought rights was supposed to be rice at Mississippi valley state, right? And Steph was supposed to be what Steph is out of you know, Davidson and all of a sudden you looking damn. It's hard. When you think about it? I mean, you could put together four five guys from a lot of different cities. But those four. I mean, you're talking about be Steph probably not at that level. We consider him the greatest point guard of all time. But he's getting there. He's getting there where you're thinking. This guy is going to be one of the greatest of all time again varies arguably one of the greatest hitters of all time and rice of Montana. They're speak for themselves quarterback receiver something interesting that you said as far as putting bonds in that list was was obviously didn't wanna championship. What do you think? Anybody on this in this giants core could replace bonds on this because of the championship? I mean, just what they did for the city the organization the championships like Posey or Olympic or Bumgarner. And the impact that they've had on the city because I've always felt this entire life is as far as being from the bay area. San Francisco loves the most important position in sports in the bay area. My opinion is the quarterback for the forty Niners. San Francisco Giants town and those World Series, and what they did for the city was unbelievable. None of those guys you mentioned anywhere near as great as Barry Bonds. Beloved players. Yeah. Any giant? That that I know of that's more beloved. Let's go. Most beloved China the last three or four decades that people love that kid still do kids. Love him love that guy. Timmy show up every once in a while come around come on the show, by the way love to have you love. What does he up to? What are you doing back know what he's still gonna join plan fever, definitely wanna hang out? Frenchie? But no I mean, but the key was. It was like a comet for lake if you years two Cy Young. Forget what was that that I came up with. I didn't come up with it. I looked at I actually researched them for like ten seconds but him and sandy Colfax or the only two pitchers in baseball history to Cy youngs. Two World Series two. No hitters is. I think that's what it was. Eight years ago. Beers between than. But I'm pretty sure that's what Dan guys that have done that wildly World Series two Cy youngs. Two. No hitters. I mean when he came when he came aboard, it was obviously after bonds, and there was that gap that everyone was figuring out. How how we're gonna fill the bonds. Void came aboard. That was I agree with you the last fifteen years ten fifteen years, I think he's one of probably the most beloved giant ten let's give me to be like if I can go back fifteen years or you one pitching matchup that I could see guys in their prime as a lot of great pitchers in baseball. One pitching matchup that I could add to pay money to go watch, and I can give both guys in their prime. Gimme compared to Martinez matchup. Oh, that's that'd be a man for that. One. Little dudes who are filthy. It could just firing ring it. I'm in for that. Because let's.

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