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High water for Charley Patton by Bob Dylan Greg's desert island jukebox, pick this week, Greg. What do we have on the show next week? Next week distracts artists settling their scores through music. The people. With the Komen barrels by like a pedal to defecating kit to censor, you're still pedal to the bench. Greg. We have some taxes on the way out Colin Ashmead baba help with the recording of Desa and sound opinions was produced by Brandon Benedek Alex clayborn on a contrary, Andrew gale, we also bid farewell this week to Hannah Edgar. I hope we haven't ruined her life too much. Then the full. Girl girl for me. Unsound opinions, everyone's a critic. So now it's time to hear what you have to say. Messages. Game and Greg, this is Scott from Gary, Indiana, and I've been a long time listening. I'm so glad that you guys finally gave disco respected deserve. One thing. I think you guys omitted from your dissection was the great Tony Thompson, who's actually the drummer? She one of the greatest Thomas, whoever live..

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