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Qualification dusty. If he does not win the tv title he will not russell in the mid atlantic area ever again he is had. Oh totally and baby. He can stand. Then they're gonna take baby doll and put her into a steel cage and hoist her to the top from greensboro coliseum. There we go and Unbelievable time in wrestling at this point. Jim crockett promotions. Talking about a few of what's to come here Jim crockett mentioned sargent slaughter. Who many forgot was in the territory at the time but he was When did you meet jim. Crockett by the way for the first time. Basically i met him that first day that i went to the office. And we're supposed to talk to dusty or was around the fourth or fifth of april eight five on a wet down to the office at a meeting. The dusty and jimmy was just a our you just a very very short meeting with. That was my first time meeting him. And mostly that was going to be a meeting with dusty that day and as jim was talking about dusty and others sargent slaughter he mentioned that dusty intel. You're gonna be having a twenty thousand dollar match. Where dusty loses. He's going to leave that. Stipulation ended up going by the wayside. Eventually but they're battling for the tv strap at this time and then flare enters our screen. He's holding that classic. Nwea doom globe title. This is before the big gold belt. Is it kind of weird to see him with. Nwea title because he is so well known to have the big gold belt not really Different time doesn't seem strange and again you're going back here to a different time. A different era. It was the nwea champion. This was prior to any wcw stuff. Obviously there you go Yeah i i remember both belts as a fan. You remember that classic dome globe look but the big old transcend it eventually as we all are aware and we're back to live action. Now it's dick slater magnum. Ta and buzz tyler. Taking on joel deaton doug vines and the golden terror. And you're going to be up next. do you remember it all. What's on your mind before the match are stretching working out or you're watching the match what are you doing. Are you feeling the butterflies at this point. I'm definitely warming up all and if you go back in history dick slater was was my idol. He was the guy that when i was a teenager. That's the guy i wanted to be. When he was partners with bob morton junior. Those guys were unbelievable. And dick slater was just a guy that that i just wanted to emulate. And i was sitting back. There was almost surreal watching him in this match and watching as a fan and watching as a co worker and i was back there stretching out not hot building getting the sweat going but i just remember thinking dick slater is. I'm on the same show as dick slater. I must be getting close to arriving and actually making it and magnum. Ta enters the match here and man. What a what a pop when he gets tagged in. You're looking at the roster when you arrive on his magnum at the top of the list of people that you wanted to russell well look at all these star is people love them and yajah wonder wrestle got like yesterday i wonder wanted to get in and just kinda measure you know moss kills and and and what i had to bring to the table against you know the top guys and i knew there was. You know down the road somewhere. There was going to be a match with magnum hours. Could wait all. These guys are very talented in the ring right now. Yeah you mentioned. Dick's dick slater in terms of his ability and work and how you really admired him. What can you tell us about the third man here on the team. Buzz tyler. yeah. He was a veteran not to catch all paul. He was one of those guys. That was a veteran. And you know he had just. I don't know. I think texas where he had his best ron. But he's a big rugged guy very athletic you know. He's a brawler. Here's a wrestler. Whose all those things and yet a lot of at this time. He had a lot of years behind him so he was polished growing up. Syria was one of best parts of being a kid. I think Everybody listening to this probably used to have saturday morning routine involved.

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