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For those kids that may not have been that he had made better choices if they had the opportunity the resolution declaring racism a public health crisis before the Santa Clara County Board of supervisors at tomorrow's meeting the Canadian government has delayed its national action plan against the systemic racism faced by the country's indigenous people and carbon check has that story although our recently announced the delay in implementing the plan because of the covert nineteen pandemic the plan followed last year's inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls that inquire re presented its final report in June and it concluded that decades of systemic racism and human rights violations had contributed to hundreds of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls over the years Sheila north is a former grand chief of northern Manitoba she says she's disheartened by the delay in the action plan against systemic racism north also takes exception to comments made by at least one Canadian political leader that systemic racism does not exist in Canada as it does in the U. S. I thank all means that the mothers and the sisters and family members of the ones that have been taken it's a very very sensitive and and touchy subject and for people to be blatant and to be so dismissive like that is just reminiscent of what they've been dealing with for many generations and it's very hurtful to hear and that's very concerning to know that this this kind of thinking still persists in Canada Norris says indigenous people make up just over four percent of the Canadian population but more than twenty four percent of the country's prison population she says there are parallels with what's happening to black Americans and to indigenous Canadians especially in their interactions with police she says the biggest difference between the two countries is that the death of George Floyd was caught on camera she has a racially motivated incidents take place daily to Canada's indigenous people but out of the public side for national native news I'm damn carpet check the outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia is the latest company to pull its advertising from Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram internet printer pressure the social media company to counteract hate speech on its platform Patagonian joins the likes of the north face and ari I and removing it sands Facebook took in seventy billion dollars in ad revenue last year from major advertisers and from small businesses the company's ad revenues are poised to grow just under five percent this year verses over twenty five percent lanced the stop hate for profit campaign which started last week is spearheaded by a coalition of civil rights organizations including the anti defamation league on the N. double ACP meanwhile in internet registrars threatening to delist a website that's a leading promoter of white nationalist and anti immigration very good views a move that could make the site.

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