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Online dot C O M, and I will be creating an impossible cost as Royal? There's already another. I'm purple cast for the show. Confusing. She gonna stop leaping leaving. Okay, time now for a I guess this week panels coast mantis is not just the son of the director, George pinkos madhouse, who of course, the delights of first blood part two and tombstone films that got sadly no longer with us. But he is now a director in his own, right? And he made the absolute gone zone near instant classic. That is Nick cage going mad in Mandy, which is out on DVD on October twenty ninth. When is up Monday. What is that Monday, Monday, October twenty ninth? Thank you. Helen, I'm completely away with dates the moment. So there you go you can pick up on DVD entrepreneurs also still in cinemas, if you can find it in the UK and panels came into London recently, we sent a long Ben Travis tavern shot with him that touches on the the crazy stuff in the movie as well. But also gets a little bit personal deep about Cho's Mattis and his his life. So do enjoy so. Welcome to the employee, put casts panels. Kuzma, toss director of Mandy probably the strangest film in in a good way that I've seen this year. How you doing? Thank you doing great. I saw the film last night at the screening church. Union chapel in is Lincoln. Yes. And it was a really unique venue to see this film, which has lots of. Nncholas cage versus religious cultists, lots of intense scenes of battling chainsaws and battleaxes and all kinds of madness seeing film church, did you ever expect that Mandy would ever be shown in a church only in my wildest daydreams? King diamond concert or something. It was the church lit up with a in those lights. So I wanted to start by asking I is such a singular unique film is in original film. Where did Mandy come from was? It was a fever dream was a nightmare. There's so much rich imagery where does that come for the movie that came straight from my dreams like the black skulls? Born of a nightmare that I had strange abandoned farmhouse men covered black tar. Malevolent cruelty and moved very strangely. And after dream, I realize. It had to be. I mean, both is the my first black rainbow was a very long kind of strange process being born. In nineteen ninety seven my mother passed away. I kind of spiraled into a sort of self-destructive were taxes drinking. Self-destruction and ten years later, my father died, and I realized that I hadn't dealt dealt with my mother's passing at all. And I had to do something. Therapy and start purging the all agreed by suppressant. I had ended up having a moment of clarity. Where I imagined myself in that house ten years later still not having done what I want to do tempted to make a film. Jarring kind of realize Asian did that could happen that I immediately sort of realized that all my artistic sort of impulses, which I'd been served dispersing into various things like the toddler fee, and collage and stuff and and short films. I I realized that put all of those instincts that energy into just making film, and you know, for example, black rainbow. I had been working on a sort of conceptual art piece about fake new age religion. And I realized that belongs to the film everything longs. And you know, everything's flow more freely when I had made that decision and. I start writing lack rainbow was, you know, dealing with suppressing those emotions for so long my parents. And I think now looking back I realise I started reading Mandy at the same time almost as an antidote to that. Because that is so control. It's so much about these these. Underbelly the underbelly of feelings that. Consciously needed some kind of add to that were to raise me, emotional and outward. Canada eruption of these things. I think because furled like physio craziness, and like weather film goes in its final actually, the the this such a strong, kind of call emotion and pain to that was something that was really important for you to to grounded in that..

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