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Your phone scam knows seaman spas their aim willing use one wbz news time seven thirty we have 62 degrees in boston good morning mike macklin here's what were followers of the wbz newsroom another hurricane bearing down on the gulf of greatest threats from this particular storm is strong winds and storm surge with alleged cyber a stalker faces a judge lens accused of hacking one of the female roommate's he just had no regard for anybody else we got your accu weather forecasting muggy or through this holiday weekend will be a few showers around especially tomorrow and monday he'd sports red sox and yankees downed two games to none in their respective divisional series and the celtics get a preseason win in philly johnny bridge road will have it all for us all the way topping news at seven thirty hurricane nate sending us gulf coast residents scrambling as they prepare for with hurricane warnings covering the region louisiana's governor urging his state's residents to jake dates seriously saying the storm has the potential jill to do a lot of damage the national hurricane center issuing hurricane in store absurd warnings for the southeast louisiana and mississippi and alabama go states of emergency also declared in all three states meteorologist jed meyers says the effects of date will be felt far and wide now we have tropical storm watch is warnings pose that all the way north and west of atlanta georgia because the storm who's not gonna stop when it gets to the gulf coast it's going to keep going kick knocked down power lines for montgomerie all the way to atlanta and even birmingham alabama louisiana wwl reporter chris miller says new orleans is ordering some neighborhoods to evacuate the head of nato the area's order to evacuate all lie outside the city's extensive levy system because nearby floodgates will be closing residents must evacuate by twelve o'clock new tomorrow nate is expected to be at its peak near the city late saturday night so mayor mich landrieu once the city shut down mitch itunes a mandatory curfew or that will begin saturday evening at six o'clock pm and ending sunday morning it'll fast moving storm so officials are hopeful that won't be around long enough to dope flooding rain that quote overwhelm the city's aging pumping system chris miller for cbs news new orleans nate the latest in a succession of destruct storms this hurricane season wbz news time seven thirty three time for traffic.

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