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EDU. What everybody if y'all malaise hip hop morning show here on power fix how much she paid for your cell phone. It's probably an arm and a leg. Right. But with spectrum mobile, what you see, is what you get that means no added taxes or fees. You can get it unlimited data plan for get this just forty five dollars per line. That includes unlimited talk, and text two and unlike other providers you don't need multiple lines to get the advertise price one line is only forty five bucks. All on America's largest LT network. Spectrum mobile call today, eight three three three zero one save. That's eight three three three zero one six it says the credible liftoff show every night. Now, what are your plans from Oriel day weekend, if lately, you missed out on something fun because you don't have a reliable ride. I'm gonna hook you up, right? At the Memorial Day Chevy drive is going on to southern California Chevy dealers. They've got all the powerful offers the best selling full-sized bicker this Chevy Silverado. That's right. Well qualified buyers. Get zero percents financing for seventy two months on the all. All new twenty nineteen Silverado crew cab LT, all star means no interest for six years fan, if you're looking for something different the so Cal Chevy dealers offer in Hugh savings on the head turning award-winning Chevy equinox right now, current GM odors, can get three thousand cash allowance on all twenty nineteen Chevy equinox models. When you fight as with GM financial, who doesn't want to save three thousand dollars. Make this Memorial Day weekend. One, you will remember hurry, Tia southern California Chevy dealer or visit so Cal Chevy dot com. Call eight four four fifty five Chevy for vehicle, and offer details are you a new motorcyclists needing training or an avid, motorcyclist who could use the skills tuneup? You should know the California motorcyclists safety program is available to teach you lifesaving skills improve your writing technique. All you have to do a sign up to attend the course where you'll learn a refresh the skills, you need to safely and legally operate a motorcycle in California in even qualify for a discount on your motorcycle insurance to learn more insane up busy. California motorcycles dot com or call one eight seven seven ride for one one still crushing candy. It's time to join the obsession and make the switch to the five star rated puzzle game best fiends come see what everyone is talking about download best fiends for free from the app store or Google play. That's friends without the our best fiends California, the California neighbor passes back at Universal Studios, Hollywood. So for only one hundred forty nine dollars, you can go on over one hundred seventy five days of adventures beginning adventure today and come back this summer for the new Dr carts and Hogwarts castle, ominous, nighttime spectacle of lighten using and Terresa arrive. Visit Universal Studios. Hollywood dot com to get our California neighbor pass with over one hundred seventy five days for one hundred forty nine dollars. Online pass valid for nine months selected first visit day blackout dates. Restrictions apply. If you've been injured in an accident, choosing the right. Attorney is critical to the law firm with the experience and success that will help you get the best possible. Result injured. Call the Barnes firm now. Eight hundred eight million the attorneys at the Barnes firm are ready to help twenty four seven. If you've been injured call the Barnes firm now..

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