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Wearing masks in most indoor settings and outdoors in crowds. This new guidance is a major step toward returning to pre pandemic life. President Biden calls it a great day for America. The new guidance still calls for wearing masks in crowded indoor settings. Places like Busses and planes, hospitals, prisons, homeless shelters. But it will help clear the way for reopening workplaces and schools over to Maryland now, where the governor says businesses can lift their covert rules and get back to normal operation Saturday, But Montgomery County doesn't plan to do that yet. W T O P S Kate Ryan explains why Montgomery County Executive Mark L. Rich has issued a statement saying the county will continue to keep restrictions in place. Until 50% of residents are fully vaccinated now, according to CDC data, which includes residents vaccinated outside of Maryland. That rate sits at 49%. And in his statement, L. Rich noted that 50% Mark could be reached a soon as Saturday then the county would be on track to get back to normal operations of businesses. Restaurants and entertainment venues. By May 29th. Kate Ryan w T. O P News, While Montgomery County is holding off Frederick County, Maryland, will follow Governor Hogan's lead and lift the crowd restrictions on Saturday. However, a county executive Jan Gardner says some local orders on large gatherings will stay in effect. Here's what she means, and what that order requires, is a responsible party to be designated for all gatherings of 100, more people. It's really not a restriction on the event itself. It is just a requirement that the Health Department knew who's responsible When it comes to indoor gatherings, Gardner says masks are still mandatory. As for restaurants and businesses, they're being advised to continue social distancing and Rondell Charles and Howard County's will also lift restrictions this weekend, Prince George's will lift them Monday. Up next in money News Wall Street Rally Back today a replacement for a popular Penn Quarter restaurant. I'm Jeff label 6 23 on caress offs, leaders and innovation. High performance Edge Computing. Jeff Winter Rich, chief technologist to the D. O D at H P E said Cube frame for a I edge allows you to address security at the edge. So the great thing about cute Frey Frey I edge is it's built on a zero trust architectural, though it addresses the security at the edge concern. It also brings together the best of breed of Kat solution. So we talked about taking its data class accelerators to the edge. It enables a deaf sector ops pipeline from open shift and cupidity standpoints. And then it's based on open hardware as well. A software that just mentioned that allows you to kind of tailor to any of these needs and.

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