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It's it's such a privilege thing to say like. I should be allowed to play any person and like looking at people that let's just played in like okay like you're actively taking away from the people who we play these roles. It's like i deserve to be here and it's like like almost no no because you need to make room for all the people who have not had that chance insane. He's got the blinders fully on eight. Wiles is one of the more hated people on the internet. Specifically twitter lake absolutely hates her wow awesome by now a million now. You wanted to talk about her occidental. Yes oxfam is like a charity kind of thing and she was an ambassador for them but then she decided to sign a deal sodastream and it's like a fizzy drink mega whatever but unfortunately the company manufacturers products in a factory and a settlement on the west bank an and i don't even want to pretend like i know the whole palestinian debacle and everything but you know it's like no don't do that if there's like some some kind of a controversy involving human rights and like you didn't look it up beforehand. God's was the big thing is like i there's an article in the guardian talked about this in like she clearly received the worst advice and like someone is paid to protect our interests and like head not done any research about the conflict that these two do these two roles and she just like stepped into this geopolitical conflict then you're literally like an unwinnable situation and in this interview she also is just incapable of apologizing apologizing or being like like. I'm sorry i understand what went wrong and like i she just keep spending and keystone. It'd be like oh well. That's one way to look at it but like in my opinion like and just like is defensive and offensive and in this article for the guardian eventually the person is like literally let out of the room for asking about this team could do not do your job before we got here when truly just yeah and then most recently but this is why we're talking about this is because she just unprompted defended woody allen who she's worked with on three films at this point and <hes> okay so she talked to the hollywood reporter and basically said i love forty. I believe him and i would work with him anytime scissors in the simplest terms like aligning herself with just the stupidest thing to do and and again. It's like this hypocritical thing where it's like. Oh i'm saying one thing and doing another because she was part of times up. She asked james franco for her fucking fucking pin back and now she's like forty allen my best friend it's obvious such a hypocrite also she could play any role in what she does not need to publicly whether a- and i'm sure there are a lot of people in hollywood very privately supporting right sure because they want the same they want to be broadcast in the movie <hes> the fact that she's using her power and her like public reach defend a man like woody allen. This is insane that she has not learned at this point right and i mean you're right like a lot of people were talking about that and being like okay tim allen movie like can we not at least like she's out there saying like i support him instead of quietly trying to play both sides and selena gomez totally you but also like like i love what he i believe him. Algorithm anytime is just wild and now people are even being like colin. Joe's this is a bad look for. Are you know we've come this far conscious. His fucking trash is people are like why did you hit yourself out of scarlett johansson wag this. This looks bad for you now while you know it's not an it's not even that fun to talk about because it's just like you're a bad person yeah and that's were you could tell we're already so tired. I know we are spelled. Go.

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