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Powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red and 15. We turn things over to Scott Jackson. All right, Thanks. Brendan. College basketball, Right? Goodnight for Virginia once again to the A. C. C. Is there a bunch of beatnik conference play Anyone? 58 the eighth Frank. Travelers roll past Syracuse. Sam Houser had 21 J Hook dropped, 21 added 12 rebounds as well. The first time the seventh ranked Maryland women have lost in big 10 action falling on the road to 14th ranked Ohio State, 88 to 86. George Washington is gonna have to sit out the next couple games. They have been postponed still dealing with covert issues in the program for the Colonials. The game against George Mason on Wednesday has been postponed as well as the game against Fordham on Saturday. The Wizards are off tonight they'll be back at it or released are scheduled to be tomorrow against John Wall, the Houston Rockets over the team they played last night, The Spurs had their game postponed to the Cove It issues against Norman Pelicans Tonight. Pelicans are also scheduled host of Wizards on Wednesday, so we'll see what this does to the wizard schedule. Offended. The Clippers stars Kawai Leonard in Paul George did not make the trip to Atlanta to play. For tomorrow night's game against the Hawks. Studio Cove in 19 protocols. Scott Jackson. W T O P Sports, Right. Thank you, Scott Coming up after traffic and weather, DC's mayor rolls up her sleeve and gets a covert 19 shot today. It's 10 16. All right, listen up, people. Someone in this department is using too much Internet. Amy, You don't live here. Let's not make this personal. Have you tried gig speed Internet from Xfinity? I've heard about that. Can't you connect like a ton of devices? That's correct, sir. So we can stream game face text or whatever we want to do on all our devices of once we Oh, you'll barely notice me unrelated. Does anyone have extra closet space power.

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