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When did that that appeal to you right away? Well, I think you know, one of the most influential performances when I was a kid that I saw I still think about hours bar, scar losses Frankenstein the sequence in. Bride of Frankenstein where he says we be long, and well, we belong dead. And he reaches for the lever. That foes makes the explosion happens that brings down the castle and a single tear rolls down his eye that was Abbas movies to me that was opera that was that was very poignant. All of those things still true. Yes. Yes. So. I think I was drawn to extreme situations and extreme ways of performing. And I think also fitter background not always. But I just find that sometimes mask provides it becomes a trigger to forget yourself, for example, when I did this movie shadow vampire, I was unrecognizable and it was a long makeup job. And when I would look at myself in the mirror. I didn't look like myself and accent. I didn't sound like myself. I was wearing course it and a costume that made me move physically differently. I didn't move like myself all those things took away from myself and allowed me to maybe I'm being literal, but feel quite like someone else, and that's a wonderful feeling when you can abandon your conditioning and open up to another experience. You know, I can be you can be you or I can be you. I can imagine your experience, and it's not just about empathy. It's really about challenging this idea that we're fixed personality to am. I think ultimately, I'm like position events actor, as you know, the person, that's, you know, in front of a campfire telling the story, even though it's not always about stories, but through their experience people, watch them and share that experience. And that's why. Like a movie like and goes so much because it is about perception. And if you are with him with that very subjective camera with all those close ups with all those sequences where you're just with him walking around or you're with him painting. It. Takes you to another way of thinking. And I think that that's what keeps us alive shadow of the vampire is one of my favorite movies ever. I love it. Big state. It's true. What am I recommend it to people all the time? It's one that I try to keep alive because I I love it. But also every time I hear nails. Oh, yeah. When I have long Bill someone's near me, I just shoot right to that. And I got so good that movie. So good, and you. Did I mail it? Oh. Everything that was the that for me is it's just it's say, it's one of my favorites. But also every time I see you do anything else. A little part of my brain wants you to be knows for auto. And I which is ideal for the Florida project was also knows for auto in the sunlight, just painting. But no, it's it's one of those it felt like you were having an incredible time. And I was having fun with you. I get excited I love. But I'm sorry. It's great. Masks again this. He has a theme. No, no, no, no, no. I'm gonna go in a different direction. How except the champ except the unbidden chance. Okay. You got involved in theater? Would you call it? Experimental theater. I would for lack of better word. Yeah. I wish there was a better word, but. Documentarian looking for a better. Yeah. That's true. Nonfiction. Phil. Yup. Of but you came out of Stater. And I'm sure number of interesting experiences already on stage and working with a group where you working with almost a repertory you don't group, and then you get hired for your first moving and you spend three months on location in making this movie. Right. This gargantuan movie. Well now. Now part of lower and you even narrated the documentary. I says I'm speaking of Heaven's Gate. Right. And at the end of that three months, you're let go and you're part is cut from the movie. I can't imagine. What that feels like? Well. No, I it was well, I was fired from that movie because we were sitting in a lighting setup for eight hours, and I would shooting a lot and I had a good relationship with everyone and. I laughed at a joke..

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