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And like Michael puts up a ton of points and just gets run over in the playoffs anyway? Because they those guys don't get rewarded in the playoffs. Jack Eichel's kind of style of play this and get rewards. It's a similar thing. What's going on with Conrad, David and Edmonton Right now he goes out and is a unanimous winner of the M V. P, But they go out in the playoffs, and they get absolutely steamrolled by the by the Winnipeg Jets. Sure, somebody's going to tackle him in the corner. Nobody's going to call a penalty and it's going to be some do fiscal place on the fourth line for Winnipeg. That's going to score against them, and that's gonna be it. And then his team is going to be out of the playoffs in the first round. He's going to be like, you know, we just have to try harder and dig and he's going to say the same stuff every year, but it doesn't matter. So like I'm like, Yes, you can go off and go to a different spot. But I'm warning you. The league doesn't want you Jack Eichel to succeed. That's not how they've built it, not for you to reach the playoffs and blossom. That's not what happens. They What happens is that you go to the playoffs and you get dragged and kicked and tackled and you never score. And then people are like we traded for this guy. Why can't he breakthrough? 80305 51 8885 52 5 50 will take a time out will step aside. Eric Erlandson lightning insider dot com will join us next here on W. G. R. He's going to talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning what it's like going on right now in Tampa Bay, winning a second straight Cup. If they can threepeat and also ask him about Nikita Gooch. Rob's comments and how, uh and how things were operated with him in the regular season and into the post season with that whole Kap situation that people want to freak out about which I don't see why there's a problem at all. It's part of the rules. Britain WILSON filling in for Nature and Sport stock Saturday here on W G R W G R Sports Radio 5 50 for all station contest rules go to w gr 5 50 dot com slash rules clean Mr Clean, So a friend told me about Mr Clean Magic Eraser and his exact words where it changed my life. I used to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to remove tomato sauce from inside our microwave and Soap scum off the bathtub. It's like, seriously magic and my secret weapon for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom doors and walls and even keeping my sneakers clean. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Greatest Invention Ever clean, Mr Clean, Mr Clean, Mr Clean Magic Eraser, the unicorn of cleaning on her first state. We had masks on and kept six ft. Apart. Now we're a lot closer, just like Cliff and Jeb. Thousands.

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