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The roads were excellent. The signage was good, even though it was in Cyrillic. And we didn't have any trouble as U.S. drivers getting around and leaving our way and there was, you know, there was no problem with police checkpoints or anything that would deter you from running a car and taking a trip. And you should do it. There's excellent Internet so you can pretty much count on using Google Maps. Even in really rural areas, our cousin who works there and lives there said he has better Internet in that country than he does when he's back here in the state. And Barry inexpensive, we bought a Bulgarian sim card when we arrived in the country as we did in each of the countries who were visiting and I don't suppose we spent 15 or $20 for a month's worth of high-speed Internet access between the two of us. That's like half an expensive meal. The other thing that you need to know is that you can not rent a car elsewhere in Europe and drive into Bulgaria, which is what we thought we were going to do. Okay. It has to do with insurance. Spirit several stories. Somebody said the people outside of Bulgaria think the cars are going to get ruined if they when they're in Bulgaria. I don't know, but that's something people need to know. We flew into Sofia and then rented our car. And we understood from the current rental agencies that you can rent a car in Bulgaria and drive out. You can't rent a car out of Bulgaria and drive in. Okay. Most all the cars there are manual transmission. You can get automatic transmission coming pretty much true in Europe. Yeah. By default you would expect a manual transmission car and you can reserve a automatic often or a robot transmission. That was one I had recently which is halfway in between almost like an automatic but not good. Back in the 70s Volkswagen offered something called an automatic stick. Yeah, this is like that exactly. From plovdiv, there are three side trips that we'd recommend. One of them is to see the thracian tombs and Kazan Mach. And those the thracian tombs date back about 5000 years and this was a culture that came in from the south east of what's now Bulgaria and settled there in some of the fertile valleys. And raised a lot of wine and at least to hear the Bulgarians talk about it drank as much as they raised because they were notoriously drunk. But.

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