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All agree it's time for a change in this this flags gotta go yeah well and Phil Jones is reminding me to yesterday someone paid to have a giant Confederate flag flown over the race I saw that yeah with the Plano with no no no yeah so it's just it's the six forty one I told you guys I I this this wasn't going to be a happy segment but it's yeah we're gonna sing and dance yeah you know what we're gonna do a share sing along when you come back every Friday we're gonna turn back time Hey let's see this is the news of the day yeah okay but we're gonna switch gears we'll go back we'll take a couple more swig of coffee and yes yeah and what will be back I have an observation dawn has one last sad story but it's more of a trip you don't know what's more of a tribute yeah and I have an observation just random just not important observation but we'll take our mind off things when you come back the my talk neighborhood rebuilding fund launched to rebuild and shine a spotlight and as part of our effort we're telling ten stories in ten days about small business owners we can help Julian Ocampo the owner of Los O. Campo what happened with your business during the unrest and and how you're doing you know like every other business owner we were all you know on edge the first night I remember you know my mom she was at the restaurant worried so I spent the whole night there with my dad it was it was crazy and everything's on fire and we can see that every other business on running around to trying to protect their their restaurants in their stores what are you seeing what did you see the neighborhood immediately following the unrest when I was amazing our relationship because our government into and just completely destroyed and that happened like two AM and at six AM like the community there are so many people of their trash cans brooms shovels I got your something Thomas people from St Thomas were there too and it was a crazy that customers and the community employees everybody was helping clean up the whole street well they did call in on the company and the board of everything yeah they help a lot there yeah you brought up anti scene neighborhood development center and what other services are ways are they helping you I mean my whole family we wouldn't be where we were today if it wasn't for NEC back into the living room but my parents started the first restaurant they took their anything you know entrepreneurship class on accounting class all that that the offer and options in the public you know become more we are now you know seven restaurants in certain cities the food truck through the pandemic started they deferred rent for two months that helped a lot when we just got shut down we had a late staff officer you're offering to do take out only you know everything is up in the air they helped us with the firing range and that helped a lot that right there my talkers what you just heard if you were familiar with the neighborhood development center that describes perfectly what they do and and how they help entrepreneurs don obviously knows your menu and loves it what do you love most tell them my talkers what's your what's your favorite thing one thing that I but every time in the back of the bus.

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