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Total recall jacob here's the problem i don't wanna compare this to veer hogan's film but this movie bags me to you did the whole time but i went in i didn't rewards the original i wanted to go in with an open mind but this film begged me to just one i thought i was out the poll me back yin and made me compared to the original and it does not hold a candle to that remakes let's try to forget that i'll give memory implant first time ever seen something call toll recall this is still a bad film mrs awful like the premise is just stupid that whole conflate to that robots are going to blow up an entire continent so this is lex luther right so go add get the real estate and such a richard people like it's just a dumb film and then i guess maybe these sets look great i just don't care about him that it's too bad they didn't care about character and story and plot as much because it's not there there's nothing to grasp on to for me i i have fallen through the elevator shaft era and fallen all the way through to the us be because nothing here to hold onto for me this is a strong recommend stewart yeah it's total retread any here's i'll just be nicer for someone that enjoy the first movie this does the all like you didn't do anything and it makes me mad that people were this lazy and were given one hundred twenty five million dollars that's unfair but life is unfair oh well that's what happened here i did try to put myself into the perception of someone that hadn't seen the movie maybe at all or maybe in a long while would they find this acceptable well i don't think the like it it's impersonal but they probably won't it.

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