Sympathetic Nervous System, Twenty Minutes, Forty Minutes discussed on The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine


So head straight to the gym and usually work workout for about an hour and then i immediately go to meditation and i am certainly not explaining the benefits of that for for he your sake but i find that the juxtaposition of working out and being in the sympathetic nervous system and trying to rapidly get into the pera sympathetic nervous system and that that juxtaposition has been really effective for me in everyday life is somebody who has struggled with anxiety to be able to get call very fast serve me very well and after i meditate i do what i call think attaining so one thing that i found frustrating about meditating was i get into that calm creative state and my mind source hitting on great ideas but i'm trying to bring myself back to the breath back to the breath and so i found that if i knew that okay once i'm done say twenty minutes the about how long and meditate if i know one time done i'm going to have the time to let my mind wander on these things i'm not going to try to stop at and i'm going to take notes that like allowed my brain to go don't worry about thinking of us up now lake will will do that in a minute and so that's become very powerful and all think it paid for you know say twenty to forty minutes slow sometimes i am of doing that up to twice as long as my meditation depending on my mind is really hitting on things that are quickie for me on that i feel like a making progress on a given problem and then after i do that i read which is.

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