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You a made it two thousand seventeen was down an average of just a tad over fourteen hundred fans per game for two thousand sixteen the march the largest drop since 1983 when average attendance declined over fifteen fans of from the games in nineteen eighty two what are you read into that panic hywel by you man but i was surprised reading about this stuff in the and it's all over any any sports radio of spots for any sport some content he verticals online you read right now people are talking about this thing it's how i wish surprised moose i mean you know a big college football fan like you are in and i've been two games i used to watch them at home on television like most folks but mandy stadiums that packed i mean if you talk to people down and tuscaloosa around if they can agree with this you talk to people you know at beaver stadium and pay that penn state they might not agree you know at the whole she will columbus they might not agree quincy it always looks jam packed but i think they're looking at an all the view that the attendance is down like to your point we just read the stats on it it's i don't know man i'm thinking is it a case where may be fans would rather watch on their cell phones today on a tablet or from their home as opposed to deal with the hustle and bustle at the stadium traffic that is that after guys in a drunken stupor a thrown up on the back neck you leave leaving a stadium most type of one moment so maybe you avoid that by do watched in oman at all you do but i but i also think say college football is a little bit different set in the nfl out of cruzi with the nfl right because i think fantasy in the national football league place a huge factor troops off i'm a huge fantasy football player i can sit at home i can watch.

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