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Watch kevin sites my friends at pittsburgh last job but they help kevin the seven or eight kevin at halftime because i've ever been around so obviously tony does a great job i've known tony for a long time coach help coaching with usa basketball no his father you know there was just phenomenal i grew up in wisconsin i saw coaching high school so i'm coaching college and he did unbelievable things so we'll we'll ever tough challenging but we in our guys have persisted and they're gonna come to play and hopefully we can guard them and we make some tough shots today and that's how you say it make those tiny moped shots at and you know you you would anyone have predicted buffalo over that's just part of the march madness you gotta come and by the way they were picked to finish eighth in the big twelve they finished fourth and he did some they had done in the bruce weber that is winning first round game so lebron's women kansas state alone they're doing things the right way as they beat crane tonight they'll play the winner virginia nbc on sunday and they south regional second round matchup always good to talk with him on espn radio coach wherever you went about favorites congrats in the wind and good luck on sunday against the winner thank you freddy appreciate it and we're looking forward to i'm happy for these sounds good by their bruce wherever you missed the conversation we had with him subscribe to the podcast in the listen to how the espn app apple podcasts in tune in real quick jeff it was really cool that hey here marcus foster they could've still looked at each other and not in a good way with like look it didn't work out but the reason is i had to grow up and bruce was happy for him and marcus was happy for bruce weber kansas state able to get past that and still be good for marcus foster going somewhere else and kansas state plane winning basketball while bruce weber is a class act i covered him when he was coaching at illinois even when he was at southern illinois and he does things he does things the right way and it is it's a big step for this program the finally under bruce weber get into the round.

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