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This is rod Tanner from the w y. N, t what they said well this afternoon mostly cloudy skies are eighty to a chance. For showers and thunderstorms overnight the, mostly cloudy skies sixty nine five or ten chance for, rain thundershowers activity January Wednesday mostly. Cloudy with a high eighty there's a chance for showers. Thunderstorms into, Wednesday evening overnight either deported Colorado sixty eight is a. Twenty percent chance for rain we cut, of a thunderstorm Thursday afternoon mostly sunny day with a high of eighty three and Mico Is. The Angie often and Mike o.. Pal per show last week hours on a lake in Kentucky in fact until last. Night got home late last night and Mike is off this week and I. Am filling his shoes along with, Mr John d., master who will join us momentarily and if you have listened to, his show for some time John network died couple years with me doing. News, and producing, the show as well so he's filling Mike big loafers today definitely difficult. Job to fill I stumbled headlines, we're going to discuss this hour we've got John the, boot gay joining us for some. Of the top political headlines he has a lot to. Say about, something that happened in the White House it's very unique. And he says happened two times and, that was the statement from the first lady's office that basically You know publicly, she went in, a different direction that the president uh specifically about LeBron James and View it how you will we know that. John Laboulaye is not a fan of President Trump even. Though he, is John Labou to a conservative so I really want to get into that, with him you know where do we go away conservatives if. He indeed does not like. The, president I don't feel the same way he does about the president. I do not at all however I'm, disappointed sometimes in some of the things. He has to say he did tweet, this morning about Iran, and so let's start there with, Mr John d. master in the news department let's start with Iran shall we only Girons not happy and. Now they're president wants to meet with our president all because these sanctions went back into place overnight while we, were sleeping those sanctions and be taken off the table. Back in twenty fifteen under the Obama administration but they, snap back into place, at midnight eastern time, this, hits their trade in gold and. Other precious metals the sailor transfer medals including, steel and, aluminum. Coal and whole bunch of currency transactions the president, calls, them the most biting sanctions Ever imposed on, Iran the United Nations they're not terribly happy about all this massive wildfire in California it just keeps getting bigger it's already the, biggest in California. History it's burn more than four hundred and forty square miles in, the northern part of the state the car fire. About one hundred sixty four thousand acres seven people have. Died many, buildings have been destroyed and many others are being threatened with Donald Trump's star, on the Hollywood walk of fame may soon disappear after the. City council last night in. West, Hollywood they vote to go ahead and remove it from the walk. Of fame one of the people there, his name is Austin Michael Klay went. After the star with a pick axe, last month and then, he went to the meeting last, night and to talk about why it's.

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