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About the hard and trade going in Brooklyn as part of a 14 trade. We're going to take a look what you have to say about that. As we continue throughout the show tonight, a common ESPN and it f. It's ESPN. But it's going to be a pretty cool this weekend. You can have a case of the new school and the old school part of the NFL playoff weekend. The new school, all the quarterbacks in the fancy all under 25 years of age, although essentially from the same draft class Josh Allen the bills against the Mark Jackson of Baltimore Ravens on Saturday and then you have the Browns of Bacon Mayfield against cancer. The chief's on sonny and patching the holes impacting, Holmes said. Man Bacon. Mayfield's playing extremely well, We know you got to bring out a game. Can't remember. Ever in the playoffs. Ian, we're not just in the playoffs, but four quarterbacks like that with the pedigrees. They've been able to create fair, unfair, good or bad. And all under 25 years of age, where you going to get a new school quarterback once again in the Super Bowl from one side of the bracket? Yeah, I mean, my homes and Alan both in the top five right in passing yards, touchdowns. You name it. I mean, it was a sensationally year. Those guys But to your point you look on the A F C side and this is naughty. I mean it. Xena. Is that, sir, But I like it. It's tremendous for the future of the NFL because it's all about the quarterback position. We all know that. And I remember 334 years ago. Thank you and I are having this conversation. Tom Brady is getting up there. Drew Brees is getting up there. Aaron Rodgers getting up into those three guys are still playing in a very high level. Those of the old heads in the answer, but you look at this new group right as you mentioned in the A F c minutes Holmes. Hello. Josh Alan. What would Brian Table has done with Josh Allen? There are offensive coordinator. That's why he is a hot coaching commodity right now. Because look the transformation that that he is helping Josh Allen through on then, obviously Baker as matured so much in the last year, especially the Kevin's too fancy. And I'm not trying to play Hero ball but managing a game. It's okay toe, as he says, Bore me with completions, right and He has. He's not trying to play Hero ball. If the ground game's going headed, man, you know if you got to check it down, Check it down. You don't have to try and force 1 20 yards down the field and a single high coverage right with safety seat saved, Seth. No shading over the top. Don't try and force that in there. This game is transformed. And then you have Levar Jackson. The whole I've never played in snowman. I'm not buying that stuff. You said he's a Florida kid. I'm well aware, but I don't care. That guy is so electric. I don't give.

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