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Four states held primaries. Tuesday, Connecticut democratic Senator Chris Murphy easily won his party's primary Republicans wanna make him a one term, Senator, in November gotta get democratic Senator Chris Murphy has been an outspoken critic of, President Trump and, the winner of the Republican party will work to retire, Murphy after one term but Murphy's, already raised thirteen and a half million for his campaign which is more than both was Republican rivals polls showing him ahead in a mostly democratic. Majority Connecticut ABC's Andy Field a former aide to house speaker Paul Ryan wins the Republican primary in Wisconsin to. Replace him Brian style beating out five other competitors Tuesday this fall voters are gonna have a clear choice between our Wisconsin styles solutions a my opponents Washington style politics in November style will face. Randy Bryce the winner of the democratic primary a grand jury report reveals hundreds. Of Roman Catholic. Priests in Pennsylvania molested more than a thousand children over Since nineteen forties Todd ant ABC news Hi I'm Mark Pryor and I'm Alexis Brier where the husband, and wife team when somebody's been injured it. Is difficult to decide who to hire is? There a difference. Between law firms will here's the reality the insurance industry is well funded and they're smart and. They know which lawyers go to trial we love, fighting for our clients in a courtroom but that doesn't just benefit the clients that want to take. Cases all the, way to the end it benefits everybody our clients get the benefit of all the fighting that we have. Done for every client for twenty years they get the benefit of the fact that. The insurance industry knows our firm fights even if the goal is to get the best possible settlement as quickly as.

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