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Valparaiso meets mission Walking five Regional action 35 14 Bill Marshall joins me, coach. Hey, I'm sorry I sent you the wrong number. No, seriously. You know what I've got? Uh, I I'm like a juggler. I gotta go. I'm juggling as you can imagine. I'm juggling, you know, imagine you'd have to sit in with me to understand. I'm so glad you called. And I'm so happy that you took time to join me and congratulations on the win over a really good Michelle Walker team. Absolutely first and foremost. Thanks for everything you do for all your football, liberty and a very kind thank you. You know, you hit the nail on the head. That is a It's a great program rich in tradition. Uh, you know Bart Curtis handing it down to coach Tender and Keith has done a tremendous job with those ears and Has the full weight of that community behind them, and they're always a pleasure to play whether it be out there or here. It's two very similar communities, very hardworking kids and just an exceptional game. So how do you win beating a good team by this score? That's an impressive night for your kids. Itwas, you know, big big hats off to you our defense, you know, there were 14 points on the board. One of those, unfortunately came on special teams, but we help we were able to hold a team that was averaging 38 a half points a game. It's the only six points because they did miss an extra point. So the defense of staff are defensive. Kids have just bought in all season long and and, to be honest for the last three years. They have just really bought into that and then on offensive line just kept doing those great things you know, being able to put Tommy Burbey and being able to put Hayden in your back there and have them bus runs and not get touched. It's huge, what are old line and are tight and have done for us. Well, you know you're a straight a stage now where you're getting it. Consistency from them and playing well designs builds your match up next week. A little bit of surprise that there went over doing er. But if Europe this stage you can play football Absolutely in. You know, As I told, some of our upper classmate said, please do not be confused. By their record. Their strength of schedule is off the charts playing predominantly six a football teams. On there. Just a very well coached team looking forward to touching base with their head coach and working on the film, trade and everything else and Getting ourselves prepared. We're just looking forward to the opportunity. Valparaiso beats mission Walking tonight 35 14 of take on Zionsville for the same. A state championship next week. Bill Marshall. Thank you so much for the kind words. Congratulations again, and good luck. Bob, Thanks so much. Take care of, they say thank you very much gave Nathan from W. Z b D and burn our great station there and burn has the South Adam's win over south would in a great matchup of two teams ranked in the top three. South Adams number 1 48 35 the final day. Thanks for taking time. Tell me how stout Adams wins this game. All we knew was going to be a slug fest just because of how high powered not these offenses are. We didn't expect to see 54 point combined in the same quarter alone 40 yards combined in the first half. Oh, my God just touched down each in the first and then Here's how the second quarter went. 10 55. It was the 53 Yard touchdown pass by South Adams. They lead 14 to 7 southward would answer at 9 29 their quarterback Alex, far with the 28 yard run. Cited a 14. 21. Seconds later, it was a 69 yard pass from South Adam Senior quarterback James Arnold and their point after was good brought in 21 14. Southwood would answer at 8 27 17 yard past. Sighted at 21. South Adams would then go three and out. Thousands would take the lead on a 33 yard pass brought the score 28 21. Out that it was would answer a 13 yard touchdown pass, but missed the extra point. Brought it to 28 27. Hey, Dave, Let me jump in here. I gotta get to this break. Okay, Hold it right there. We'll come back and pick it up. Alright? Dave Nathan from W. C B G. Come back and talk about South Adams went over southward on Indian a sports talk. It's our annual Be window Black Friday sale. If you've gotten a price from us or competitors, the black Friday sale is for you up to 52% discount on Windows, doors and sighting. And an additional.

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