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You'll excuse me danny i'm going upstairs to rest don't you think we have a couple of things to talk about not now i'm feeling tired barbie what you're right about him barbie he a tasteless man he's got a mean tampere in a dirty little mouth you shouldn't pay any attention to an are you talking about song song doesn't exist studio doesn't exist not anymore knocked the way it is now exactly other studios i'm talking about all of them this is the world dan right here from now on i keep the doors locked with drapes open the windows i don't want any of the outside coming in not the mighty salzone movies without send amend or or those teenaged actor is on television are rap music are any of it barbie whether you like it or not that's the way it is pats the way things are what can you do barb shut your eyes say it doesn't exist because you can see it it doesn't have to exist if i shut my eyes it disappearance yes it does i can wish it away but that doesn't make sense it makes sense to me horrific sense and you know what else makes sense as of right now as of this minute this is the old hollywood with all the charm in romance with all the glamour it's a carefree world again janney chesslike before in this house sarvi none of that stru it's a style jake and nice but it's not true are you listening to me it's folly well if i wish hard enough it won't be phony if i wish hard enough danny barbara police hockey for party yes tell of my friends danny tell them tell hall nader and jerry herndon had steve lack oh now there is a man for you tell them i'm still at the same address and terribly paul made has been dead for five years jerry and and lives in chicago steve black hasn't been around for for fifteen years and if i could get to them if i could what kind of party can i invite them to here happy barbie this is a graveyard year creating a mausoleum understand your wishing for things that are dead we'll see about that well see about that.

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