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Trading, passive income opportunities, active income. Opportunities derivatives dividends. There's all sorts of ways where we can generate income there, you can build multiple streams of income very very quickly. The the thing that I completely agree with you on. There is is don't just cut one of those income streams, right? One of the things that we've noticed from from some of our students coming in just looking to add that extra stream of income is even they didn't like their job so much. But now that they don't have to have that job. They pick a job that they actually really liked because they're not solely reliant on that job for their income because they have multiple streams of income. It's all about it's all about doing the things that we love rather than just doing the things that we have to do is one of the reasons why job J O B stands for just over broke. If we're just relying on that job to support our lifestyle for just relying on that job just to to to to feed our family, and that's our only source of income. If it goes away. You know, it goes away we're in a real bad spot. So j o b stands for that that just over broke cliche, which I'm sure everybody's heard. But we talk a lot about those things on the show that they've been around for so long those seeings have been around for so long these these acronyms have been around for so long. But it's but it's not because they're not accurate. It's not because they don't have some validity to them one of the things I'd like to do real quick. I see this stack of tickets is getting a little bit smaller. John hasn't been given giving them away a score at a time. We could say what are you say, John, we do another giveaway. Maybe another twenty tickets are. So I love it. All right. We are in the giving mood here. We are going to go ahead and do that right now with a half day class coming up in your area, the half day classes, where you see exactly what it takes for you to generate income inside of the markets. Maybe it's passive income. Maybe it's active income really depends on your situation and your goals. Now, just a second year have a chance to win a set.

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