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In house and and we weren't trying to hide it. Let's let's get to the show. Let's get to the clash of the champions before we do. We should mention that was dark match. Brad and Scott Armstrong would be Dick Slater and Buck House blocking eight minutes and thirty two But then it's time for the big show we've got aren't Anderson retaining his TV TV title. Over Johnny boombats seven minutes. Thirty eight seconds. meltzer really liked it. He said this was the best match of their series of matches thus far gave it. Three Stars We should mention that. Colonel Robert Parker is here before because he's managing arn and Anderson fans are Are really getting into Hukou being rinkside. Johnny B. Bad's GonNa hit the knockout points but he accidentally gently knocks. Aren't Anderson out of the ring in the process Parker would revive Anderson by pouring a a pitcher of water on his face which is quite the visual orange sold big big and then bad starts chasing Parker around than into the ring and that allowed arn to catch him with a DVD for the pin and even though orange the bad guy and he's got all all these bad guys supporting cast characters on the outside. The fans are cheering his win in a big way. Probably like ninety percent What did you think of this match? She saw at this time for the first time in a long time it's par for course johnny be bad in the opener of ww in this era It felt like it was a legal requirement. Yeah I mean I did watch it actually a couple of hours ago before doing the show with you in My thoughts while I was watching it was man. It's too bad that that Marc Mero The character Johnny bad ended up with that character. I mean it really is I think that was dusty. Rhodes idea it was his vision and again. No no you gotta put things in context sees you to be critical twenty five years after the fact looking back knowing what we know now all that kind of thing but in this was i. Think a remnant of the kind of over the top characters that were so successful in the eighties and the nineties. That's wide Johnny. Johnny became Johnny Bad I. I'm assuming again I never talked to dusty about this but I think if Marc Mero had come in with a little less Leslie effeminate characteristic in the the what do you call the Blazer Gimmick. Did he had shut up to the bad blaster The little Richard kind of personifies that I think would have really worked well in the eighties. But now we're in the mid nineties in let's just not resonating but set that aside and just go back in and if you take it every listen to this chance to go back to the network and watch this go back and look at this match between arn and and Johnny and I think you have to recognize two things number one. The reason I think one of the reasons that mark looked so good johnny bad look so good in this match has a lot to do with our Anderson. And it's it's a dance right and guys like Arne Anderson and Ric flair and a handful of others have the unique ability to make someone who's pretty good look great. Somebody who's great look phenomenal so I think a lot of credit a in terms of the quality this match has to go to Arne Andersson number one. In as the he'll he was calling the match. I'm sure But Johnny be bad. You know to to tip my hat to Johnny are Marc Mero. I think he may have been at the top of his game right about here. He looked really really really good. And the thought crossed. My mind was well I would have really loved to see mark. Excuse me have this opportunity with a guy. Like aren't Anderson at this stage in his his life without the baggage of their kind of goofy character. That people just weren't relating to people. I think people would look back on. Marc Mero much differently differently in terms as a performer. Had He not been saddled with that gimmick that kind of just stuck with them and it's worth mentioning by the way. This guy was a golden in gloves boxer. So legit bad ass was married to the woman we would go on to know a sable who became the hottest woman in the history of the business in every metric. You could possibly imagine and then went on to be a very successful motivational speaker. What what a character? What a story to life and polar opposite to the onscreen character but he's still pulled off so credit to him for you know making the best of a bad situation and he managed to leverage Indo quite the career? But I'm with you. What could have been if it was a different gimmick almost feel that way about and totally different situation? But you and I've talked about this with this go. Inferno Furnao was a hell of a performer in fairly silly gimmick. But it's just it's amazing sor- sort of backing and fantasy but what if no I think you know to to carry this forward and other individual so that we're gonNA talk about probably in a few moments you know if you make a list of the people that had incredible potential a great look Great in ring abilities and the potential to have even greater abilities with some more experience because they were young Alex right in another character you know eight or another person. Eighteen eighteen nineteen years old. I think when he came to. WCW You know. We'll talk about him in a few minutes. I don't need to go into it now but I think he's another character that had he not been saddled with a a pretty goofy gimmick even by early ninety standards Are Mid Ninety. Sanders could have easily become a much much hotter piece of business op because he had all the tools and there are a number of guys probably fell into that category. And you know it wasn't lack of effort it wasn't like a commitment on anybody's part. It was just not really seeing what the president in the future is probably going to really react to in terms of a character and reaching back into that eighties bag of tricks hoping that it would stick and you know it wasn't just se roads. I did it oh Cogan did it. Ric flair did it when ric flair was booking you know so he not Criticizing necessarily because again it was twenty five years ago But again fantasy booking is the best way to say it what if but I think Johnny Bad Marc Mero is one those characters as you said that had he come in with different character Little bit of a different edged to him and at that silly liberace Johnny B. or excuse me a little Richard kind of gimmick he could have been people will look back at. You ought to be bad at a much different way than they do now. Couldn't agree more next up. We see main gene interviewing Kevin Sullivan. The butcher with Sullivan saying he and butcher are prepared for what lies ahead. And the Big van Vader Harley race and Ric flair being. There will work in their favor and Sullivan. Donovan also implies the Randy savage might turn on Hogan in the main event and then we get a music video of Alex right or see clips of his matches through a bunch of different TV monitors sorta cool for what it is at the time and then we get as you said a very young Alex Wright who had been previously talked about on answers sure suspicion nineteen years old here. They're introducing him as being eighteen years old meltzer would say match was okay though nobody cares about right. It's too bad he has potential. And he's got the kind of look that women would go for by shoving that down people's throat it actually works reverse The matches okay seven minutes. It's twenty eight seconds to stars is the rating that we get from Dave meltzer eight and kicked out of rights cross body off the top rope. Then Ri- kicked out of Eaton's Alabama jam before rice scored or pen. Will they second cross body. You got one of the all time greats in there and Bob Eaton and he's probably the right God put in their with a young guy trying to get over and This did a fine job to me. It showcases what he can do in the ring but something is amiss. And it's pro. I mean is it the jacket the dancing what are you. What are you hanging your hat on here? Well I think first. First and foremost he was brand new in our relatively new. It takes a long time for character. Get over very few wrestling characters. Physically very unwanted not have not been part of the business and don't have you know years and years of exposure somewhere It takes a long time to get over so I think his age in the fact that he was so new new to the audience. As part of it I do think as we discussed earlier. The Gimmick was just horrible. It was just a horrible gimmick for him and it didn't connect and it didn't resonate Y- a- and before we go too much further talking about Alex. You mentioned the interview with Kevin Sullivan in the butcher. Brutus the fucking Barbara beefcake I I encourage everybody. That's listening to the show and not because I'm showing for the W. W. E. Network. Because obviously I'm not there and never will be again but but you gotta go back and watch this for pure entertainment value. This is one of those promos. That is so bad it's awesome. It is so bad particularly the butcher the facial expressions I mean. It's it is so horrible horrible. I was laughing my ass off watching it. That's how bad it was a and look. I'm going to admit putting an I wasn't booking I wasn't the guy responsible for booking the show but I was the guy responsible for allowing the booker to go forward with it. I could have stopped it. You know what I mean. I was driving but I could have easily taken the steering wheel for a moment and said no no no no. We're not going to action. We gotta go in this direction. But I didn't and that responsibility lots ability lies solely on me but the idea was not my idea had no fingerprints on that at all. I will say however that that Pudding Brutus. The Barber beefcake in a main event while probably doesn't rise to the level level of a crime against humanity is fucking close on the list. It's gotta be there close. It was. Oh Bad oh my God. It was horrible. But you gotta go back and watch pro. I think it happens around the fourteen or fifteen minute mark on this particular. Show go back and look at this promo if you need a laugh if you really WanNa see just how campy bad things could be and it wasn't just WCW by the way there are some pretty can't be bad stuff stuff that was going on at wwf at the time to still is as a matter of fact. But that's just the nature of the business you know not. Everything is serious. Sometimes things are just so bad. They're good and this was probably like there was an award for being so bad. It was good. This would win an academy award for Alex Right. It's been written written or said rumored. He thought he had the potential to be one of your next big break out stars even saw somebody say Oh eric once said that could be as next hall. Oh cogan I call but still the international flair you know. He's a young guy he's good looking. He's in great shape. He's got an interesting move sets. If if we can you know politics some of this up you could see how this could be a very big draw internationally. Sort of the W. W. equivalent to maybe what the British bulldog was to the WWF Jeff Generation before no look. I don't WanNa be redundant and keep saying the same thing over and over again. I tend to do that sometimes when I get excited and passionate but you know it it just try if you listen to the show and you do decide to go back and watch this particular episode on the network. Watch watch Alex here. Watch this match and pretend if you can use your imagination we all have them some more than others but try to try to set aside the goofy gimmick in the in the dancing and and you know the the boy toy gimmick in by the way I think that was your father in law that was that was his vision for Alex. set all that aside and just look at the physical talent that you see in the right..

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