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This is wnyc 939 fm and am 820 npr news and the new york conversation it's the bbc newshour on wnyc good morning i'm richard hake wildfires are already well on their way to becoming the deadliest in california history showing no sign of slowing down steady winds with gus up to forty five miles per hour and a humidity plunging near zero are expec to to descend on the areas north of san francisco at least twenty three people have died some thirty five hundred homes and businesses have been destroyed frustrated by failures in congress president trump will try to put his own stamp on healthcare with an executive order that aims to make lower premium plans more widely available trump is expected unveiled the plan today administration officials say one of the main ideas is to ease the way for groups and associations to sponsor coverage that can be marketed across the land critics warn of higher premiums for the sick manhattan the a side vance's under fire for decision notch prosecuted 2015 case against movie producer harvey weinstein van says his office would have pursued a case but he says he and fellow prosecutors felt the allegations warren provable rechecked on many many many difficult sex round brush bushes individuals irrespective of their background or their money audio between a white weinstein and a model in nypd sting for that case has now been made public according to stay data released this week more than ten percent of the city students were homeless at some point last school year that's one hundred eleven thousand students and that's a a six percent increase over the previous year and a city council hearing councilman brad lander said that concerns him going down a path where we just continue to concentrate the lowest income students in the same schools is not a path for success that the blasier administration say this plan is to build ninety new shelters throughout the city to keep students close to their home neighborhoods wnyc is supported by gaiko offering motorcycle an rv insurance more information on motorcycle an rv insurance acai go dot com or one eight hundred nine four seven otto.

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