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Ask the question, so restraint her life. I remember women who show she was on John John William shell professional jealousy. There. Who the hell got Kim? Get her. And why are you listening to that show? Yeah. No, yes. So she was on with John Williams. Alp is a huge fan. She doesn't music. Oh, right. Right. And so I learned a lot about the music industry and geography and kimbrough it very interesting. Zealand is in the Pacific Ocean. And they speak English. Yes. I did. Okay. For you. That was Batman. He would yell at me on onset for sure can you imagine ten Christian bale? Didn't know your brother. Oh my God. You're good for you. Violeta working with Christabel. He would he would unleash hell on you. I think he might like me though, he might just you just think using the cute things going to get you're gonna get away with everything. A cute thing. You hear what he said to an innocent little white in a guy gets fifteen dollars an hour with a with a with a million light. And and that again for her and bring it all the way up. Oh, good for you. Besser out. Would you do the traffic? Can you are you capable? I very capable for British accent it in a New Zealand accent. Okay. Well, right now known adult is I can't do accents actually because I'm just keep going. The Eisenhower.

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