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Other is that it's a single dose vaccine, and it's easier to administer because it does not require sub Arctic freezing temperatures for the latest on where and when the next vaccination drive up events will be keep it here on K Away. NewsRadio 7 29 Right now we check that Dr John Morrissey with cloud cover with sunshine, but look, traffic. Maybe they're a little this A little of bad. Yeah, we've whatever's in the covered here in the traffic studio right now. They're your drive on westbound. I 70 has been slow approaching. I 25 but I got good news. In the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center. They just cleared that crash. Westbound. I 70 in Washington approaching, I 25 back to back to about Yale, but I'm sorry, York the other Y s o back to back to about the dog chow plant. But after that you're in good shape over to I 25 on your waist downtown. They called out a crash south and I 25 it's spear. I see a little bit of slowing sound tonight. 25. Around Colfax. Not huge. So imagine if there is a question there is just a little fender bender. But that would be a little bit slow through there. And you've got a crash coming out of Henderson in Brighton from Henderson heading down toward I 76 crash right there. South found 85 at 104th. You're also jammed up in Glendale because of a crash on Colorado at Cherry Creek Drive South. That drive on the South Gonna be heavy south tonight 25 from you 70 over the eye. 25 Parker Road is loading up with traffic Still good on cnni 4 70 don't see any problems on the Northwest Parkway, either that Commerce City drive your usual slowing onto 79 76. This report is sponsored by Audible Audible delivers the best audio entertainment All in one app choose a plan that's right for you and make it a year of audible originals. Best selling audio.

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