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Kias of san francisco oakland san jose cumulus station in human trafficking so long saturday on michael astano the associated press reports the death toll in the texas immigrantsmuggling cases now up to ten as to victims have died at the hospital thirty people severely injured as the heat in the tractor trailer truck in which they were jammed hit one hundred thirty degrees in the san antonio heat the truck found in a walmart parking lot in what police call human trafficking at luv indera on the investigation they've taken into custody the driver of that truck and as they of described this is a human smuggling operation now the work begins to try to unravel part of that smugly operation to see exactly how it all went where these people came mm from where they were picked up where they were being transported to the republican leadership in the senate is pushing for yes votes to open debate again on healthcare this week but it's a tough battle gop senator susan collins complaining on cbs's face the nation it's not even clear what bill will be up for consideration wake el nino weather we're going to me voting and the has felt that person version of the senate bell the second i the senate pal i new version of the senate bell colin says it's time to go back to the committees and just start over the russian ambassador to the united states sergei kislyak a prominent figure in russians involvement in the 2016 us presidential election has ended his assignment in washington the russian embassy tweeting kusila max tenure actually ended yesterday this as reports circulated kislyak and our attorney general jeff sessions discuss trump campaign issues during meetings last year with sessions denies senator al franken telling cnn's state of the union he wants this cleared up seems to me that sense trade general sessions hasn't been terribly truthful regarding these things at us more likely that the this will that what kislyak with sales case firefighter still battling the blaze that swept through the sierra nevada foothills are contending with triple digit temperatures this afternoon firecrew said could take two weeks to fully sir rounded jordan spieth taking the.