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They also misinterpreted the end. I mean it's like I don't know maybe I'm wrong on his apparently very smart. Yeah I guess he is. He's all right. He's a neurosurgeon well. That wasn't the only band that was influenced by by Dr You know an are soon to be released Beatles episode We talk about. They're really failed. Beatles film the television film magical mystery tour and they actually used some of the flying footage of the B fifty. Two's in this Because they needed to cover a sequence from the song flying and that really pissed off Kubrick because it goes like this housed at Shepherd and studios and these go. We'll use position. He's like no no. No no no no. You can't use my footage for your Shitty Beatles So that was a fun little shaking hands with the bills. Okay say by the way and I don't mean this sounds much dislike as it is. I thought that the film is trying to make a joke of how bad the plane looked flying in the sky. You know the kind of artificial places. Yeah and then I learned about how much work Kubrick did into try to make that look realistic real pilots in real ships. They flew over tons thous miles of footage to try to get the footage. Exactly right. He tried to line it up exactly where they'd be flying. We'll try to nail it but that ship the ship. The plane looks so phony. I know and it's it's but you could tell it like he never was going to have that happen again because two thousand and one is the answer to that. I mean but But this when he was trying to get that footage the crew shooting that aerial footage rich over Greenland accidentally filmed a secret. US military base and were questioned as Soviet spies. So go back where we started off with this disclaimer. At the top of the film this is why Wiley they were. They were really pushing the boundaries of what was true and also. If there's anything in this film that feels kind of prescient. It's this idea that maybe the only thing saying that. Secondary to governments in the military is gigantic corporate branding. Because the only other thing that comes in as a threat to this world view in the way of life must be protected at all. All costs is when poor Peter sellars impor- captain. Lionel mandrake is trying to get to the present he's trying to save the world he's starting to save the World Ato's. US soldier that he has to the shoot open a vending machines that he can get quarters to call the president to save the world. This is what the guy says machine. I want you to shoot the lock off it. But maybe some change in their private property kind of. Can you possibly imagine what he's going to happen to you. Your frame outlook way way of life and everything when they learned that you'll have obstructed a tape on coal to the president of the United States. Can you imagine shoot it off. Shoot the gun bullets. Get tweet okay. I'm going to get your money for you but if you don't get the President United States on that phone you know what's is going to happen to hear what you're going to have to answer to the Coca Cola Company. I love that and by the way you know. The government dismissed this whole film. You know I said this accidental nuclear war can happen but they did say they were most concerned at this scene. Where Captain Andrey can't reach a Pentagon because he didn't have enough change range for payphones or we need to figure out that that was the thought was the most disturbing thing about you know before we get into my inevitable question? I asked at the end of episode. I wanted to pitch you one person instead of some pickens you know who also was up for that roller. Maybe it was offered that role and said No. John Wayne and I would have been interesting to see joey because John Wayne had played those kind of heavy straight parts and I think would have added the same kind of Gravitas at George C.. Scott has you know and of course that iconic cowboy hat going down would have been. It would have been even more interesting in a way. Yeah I think think John Wayne. We would've never yoed writing the vom but maybe he would have even mess with the audience's emotions on higher level turned the screw because it seems almost impossible impossible to root against John Wayne. especially so you'd be aware that the ship was trying to do the right thing that that that toddling back and forth. We're talking that. I think that would have absolutely tied. The audience nuts yet have broken off all of our switches. I totally agree and I think he could have. Maybe of delivered some of the dramatic acting acting of that performance even a little bit with a little more gravitas. I mean that's not a bad things as I think the truth as I guess come to this point is there a Simpson's there there is. There's a lot of silent visual gags but the clip. I decided to pull is from an episode called homer. The vigilante this is from a fantasy that homer has about destroying a bunch of hippies. How winning No we're forming vigilante group. Come with me. Say It's a miniature version of the bomb. The government built in the fifties to drop drop on beat NEX radiant cool crazy nightmares then New Jersey no air pipe it smoke it. albro bureaucrats lab the MAITRE D' CRIBS see sign. Don't ride the bomb by the way George C.. Scott did keep acting for a really long time and one project he was in that. Is You know what to bring up because I have to. He was in a nineteen ninety six made for TV miniseries about titanic and he played the captain say it is a line from quoted in the newspapers. God himself cannot not sink this ship. She was appropriately named the titans dad to challenge the Gods for their arrogance costume into that just because I love the idea that once again. He's a man at the helm of death but now he's the voice of conscience you know 'cause I think if there's one note that rings through here and it's something. Yeah I've been thinking a lot about a lot. Is that what his character. Who in a way I find to be the most fiddle? Him and ripper in the film. What motivates both of them is? Just fear here you know. In their reaction to fear is to cause destruction and chaos in everything. That that that Scott's character ever says is a reaction affair. He just can't believe leave that he can ever trust the Soviets. You know they have a bomb he has to. They're coming for us no matter what he's living in this just absolute paranoia. We need mineshaft after the end. What if they figure better than us and if he if that character could just release his anxiety? This would not be happening at all. You no and I feel like I just see that mindset a lot like we all need guns to protect ourselves from the bad guys burst into our house. You never know when you need it in this state of fear we live then is really I think so much the cause of all but it's it's it often comes at an interesting is a personal protection Shen right. It's like very rarely. Do we have that same sort of energy or or group mentality towards larger scale issues of extinctions I guess I want to you you know there I want to have a gun I want to do all this stuff but you know but if you come to me like climate change is as well. I don't know if that's you know it's it's kind of out there. We want to have everything like it's almost like. I want to have everything right in front of me to protect me in the now and the immediate. It's it's it's you know. Both things are coming for us. It's interesting because one thing is really an improbable audible thing and the other thing is more probable but less it's more heady it's Moratti big. Well I don't see that I don't see it happening but if I don't have a gun then you know someone comes is after me You know I I need you know I I need to have that on me and you actually even have that exactly in this film to. We're not even talking about the climate crisis in nineteen sixty four four but you have a man in that war room. Say if these bombs go off we're not gonna be able to live on this earth for over one hundred years. Destroy Everything Ed. You Have George C.. Scott being at two weeks right yeah no science. Everything's GonNa be fine it. We're still having that conversation too. It's crazy nonni. This movie is currently ranked at number thirty nine on the F. List It's the thirteen points from its twenty-six position We've talked about a lot in the past. Maybe one film from one director to be fair and balanced and and really representative of so many different things. We've Both Tilak Kubrick. I've really enjoyed many of them that we've watched. I think we both agreed that clockwork probably doesn't need to be on the list. Probably Not Spartak as either yeah. SPARTAKIST can go off. I definitely believe two thousand and one. I definitely believe that two thousand one is one of the most influential films still I kind of hold them up there with citizen Kane Insofar just in looking at what we've talked about in the advancement of film Where do you fall on this film? I would be happy with the list that only had Strangelove in two thousand and one on it and I could probably even live with elicit only had two thousand one. I like strangelove. I like it a lot I I would love to see what other satires we have. That also get to the heart of the matter You know probably nothing else. Does it as well as strange although Armando MINUCCI right created. Veep is an interesting film. I don't think it's as good as this. Yeah but I think it also tackles American politics from a different perspective. I wonder if the George Clooney failsafe is you. I mean obviously veep deals with American government.

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