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Her to shut up, and he struck her in the face Several times. Horrible, horrible. I could not believe what happened. The victim, a 40 year old woman fought back and broke free. Then grabbed her cell phone and recorded video of him running away, and police say she suffered leg and mouth injuries during that attack again. Parker tonight being held without bail at 702 before we get back to the roads, the latest on Covid tonight in Massachusetts. Latest report from DPH confirming 100 new cases out of more than 22,000 new tests. Seven day average positivity rate down tonight 2.52% 173 people in the hospital getting treatment for the virus 57 in the I C U and two more people have died. Coming up in two minutes after traffic and weather together big changes tonight in D. C when it comes to infrastructure talks, But right now at 703, it's time for traffic and weather together and as always, will start on the roads. Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. What's up, Mike? We are slowly getting there, south of down the gold boy. It was a busy afternoon. Russia. It's almost over. The Coton Expressway is better coming out of the city. It is packed up now. A little after Brian Dav to route 24. That's the worst of it there now it does stay like that on 24 south for a bit before it loosens up at all. The North Island Expressway is held up Braintree most of the way of passing upon its circle. It's like that typically, this time of the night now, Route three is all cleared up to hand over and ducks Berry 95 south is much better down towards 4 95. Up to the North. Nice and quiet. Now on the upper end of 1, 28 and 4 95 93 is good up into Salem, New Hampshire, and all those route one delays up to revere and saw August have eased out. Downtown. Nice and quiet here to the lower deck of 93 is wide open onto the second bridge eventually into the O'Neill tunnel. The Tobin Bridge is good. So is the Sumner Tunnel and Storrow Drive to and the Mass Turnpike is clear out through Natick and framing him as well. My king WBC's traffic on the threes again as we just heard. The severe thunderstorm warnings are done for now, at least south of Boston. We had a storm that was making its way through Weymouth and getting over toward hang them in whole that's just turned into a.

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