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Check back in, with Chris Rabia the new ball BMW Toyota sports desk arrange short and second round at the one hundredth PGA championship at Bellerive. Country club yesterday we'll continue this morning for that and more, we get an update from bell reef second. Round play of the PGA championship resumes, at seven o'clock this morning after. Play was suspended yesterday due to weather we had a lot of rain at. Bell reef country club yesterday second. Round running this morning and then third round will begin thirty minutes proximity after the collusion of round to know what they're gonna do. Is split tees they'll play in groups of three from both. One and ten and, that will follow round to, this morning if. You had, a ticket for. Friday it. Is not. Good. For today just Saturday tickets today at Belle Reeve and again play. Beginning at seven o'clock this morning leader is Gary woodland he is. Ten Onder for the championship right behind him is Kevin, Kisner at nine. Hundred Brooks KEPCO fired a seven hundred sixty three yesterday's eight under and There's a group of, four, at seven under they're all good, names, to. Johnson Charles Schwartz Thomas Peters the university of Illinois product and Rickie Fowler who has not, won a major but at seven under he is definitely right they're going for the. Career slam Jordan Spieth he's not out of it. Just yet he's three under for the championship so he's still somewhat within striking distance but was somewhat. Critical of bell review yesterday I think that it's tough. To come to a venue with bet grass greens in this kind. Of weather you know just, this course would be phenomenal and probably is phenomenal it's not playing so soft and that's not the rain that came on Tuesday. It was like that on Monday and he just fire in, and you get away with more like you. Don't have to be as precise and, that's frustrating in a major championship. Is typically what it does is it you don't, really have to be as. Precise on and around the greens. And that's frustrating to me because I feel like that's an advantage that I have so personally I would prefer more difficult and firmer faster condition greens having Said that. I would have shot a much higher, score yesterday given you got to be in. The fairways in order to hold greens where they need to be, so I'm not saying that my score. Would be, any better I'm just saying what you'd like to see. In a major championship it is what it is I still really liked the. Golf course just just can't you can't possibly have term task bankrupt screens with with his climate but speed a sports fan himself was completely, on board with the Saint Louis galleries unbelievable these crowds have been I mean Monday shocked me and then every day it's been fantastic it's been not. Overkill everyone's been I think very respectful fantastic sports and golf fans this is great. Market to, come to in Saint Louis these people love their, sports, and I think it's only going to get better over the. Weekend I think this has been Some of. The most fun Goff as far, as playing in front of. Fans that I can remember also at three under Tiger Woods he was playing very well he was three under through seven in the second round before rain halted his play with the ball in the fairway on number eight. Hill resume play along with others at seven o'clock this. Morning at bell reef? Country club I'm Tom Ackerman cable exports from golf to the diamond how about the cardinals they. Stay red hot on their road, trip, and try to win their. Fifth straight series tonight they, beat the royals last, night seven nothing cardinals blanking Kansas, City and how about. Matt carpenter the pitch carpenter swings and. It's a high fly ball deep right center failed this is. Going to lead the yard It's a two run Homer for a carpenter as thirty second of the year and he. Has reached base safely now in twenty eight consecutive games. Redbirds right now one? Ten of their last fourteen games they are really playing well under manager Mike shelter get five. Twenty tonight Amer in total access, six, fifteen the first pitch cardinals..

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