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Not berkeley emoji. Talking about jared cannon near who even though he is broke. Apparently that doesn't matter. Crystals are not part of his budget. He is he is getting crystals gratis as it were so i i have some criticisms crypt. They're standing right. They are enlightening me. Their energy the the the positive aura or whatever crystals. I don't know crystal steph crystal council if you're out there i'm going to let you know that's a return. That's an automatic return to sender by see that package. Come my way. So what are we going to talk about this. Don't play with me the best line of the night. That was the the night a best best line. Well double entendre bar boy. Scott don't play. That was directed at you. Casey who during the pre qna. I don't really know if william nights gonna make it as a contender. Don't play with him. he don't play with him. And i still. I still feel that way about mr night. But i also do not wanna play with him on and play around. I learned that the hard way today. Do not play around with frigging william night. Jeez louise i'll map again. Casey's favorite fight was porter sherman. Without it was it was a good fight that that by ruled. It was such heavyweight. Mma oh my god. I loved it so much. I i love. I love because it always goes the distance. I feel like oh great even even either guy even get dropped. It was just they just each know. Jay sherman loves to walk through punches. Like he's actually a good striker. He has no defense like he says his defense is hit me in the face. You're not gonna knock out. Yeah it'd it. I felt like i was watching. Bareknuckle fight with. We've had that. Can i have seen those guys by a last. Was it last night. Yeah last night knuckle so sunday. You probably will yeah. Are there any questions. Do any questions questions questions. Scott mcrae pantoja robot delivered the cannibal square. But did you have an issue with mark. Smith dismissing roy vows alleged i poke i think herb did it to calvin as well. I remember the calvin. No it was in here. Who complaining with the i poke. Wasn't it in the in the in the Gas at the end. Maybe it wasn't watching closely enough Here's the generally. I don't have any issue with referees. Dismissing I folks it's obstinacy if there's an obvious one but i'd i'd have to see it again so i apologize. If there was a blatant. I poke and referee mark. Smith missed it. But there's a lot of time guys complain about just getting hit in the face or getting punched in the eye. it does feel like an ibook. Yeah sure and if it happens so fast. If you're the guy get hit by you don't know the difference wasn't a finger was it a guys knuckle. It's like you got the. I don't know so and for some of it's hard for the fighter to even know it's it's almost as hard for the referee now Because he might just not see it angle again. It could have been a punch. That just happened really quickly. You don't wanna go to the replay right away to to look at something like that so no. I don't really have an issue with that kind of thing normally. I'll have to look at that clip again. Specifically for the part the refs have to take fighters word for. Because i too fast. You just can't tell they're just going on this the unless you really clean punch that lands right there. I think there was one time with someone got. I can't remember now. So when did get punched in the eye both clearly a punch rep. You know. But i don't remember that fight but No i don't. I don't take the issue back to the question. I don't take any issue. No i don't think there was any. I poke controversy tonight. I'm going to quickly touch upon this. One are joseph boza. He says we talked about for. Calvin get his walking papers as well pieces. What people don't realize is that five. His last six fights have been losses. And i'd say the opposite. I think a lot of people know that five is less expensive. Mosses what they don't think of is who he's lost to. Actually that's that's that's really what i think. A lot of people know he's on. He's in a bit of a slump right now but the names right the only losses. He looks really bad in the hermansson. First transmission whatever and and went and whitaker. Who is the number to have. Middleweight in the world. And that's it. Those two guys fights where i thought he was like clearly beaten. I don't think there's any shame in that. Darren till you could argue one really close fight so now i think the quality competition matters and i guess at kelvin. How old is coming. gotham them. Twenty nine twenty nine if if you know who you know who will love him to get his walking papers scott coker. 'cause i guarantee you tell the bedrick age would be awesome and pf l. Seem or whatever Either way They'll be lots of bidders otheir calvo. Gaza is still Middleweight that's all there was no there. Middleweight division. npfl this year. Unfortunately he might have to go up to five hilarious. John dannon which of these fighters needs consider changing classes. More polartec or cats lem polartec. I assume galway up super tall right. Your super lafayette is six feet tall. He's pretty gigantic. A okay look. Consider it if it was like if it was like anything was possible. Clearly gessler gas slum at one seventy. i think is a much more viable contender. But i don't know if he wants to make that lifestyle change today. Why would you need to to one seventy. He's fought uber. Competitive smaller fights incredibly. Here's a but his case. But here's the difference difference. He's five well today. I think actually like like be aid winner. There's a difference this is this is. This is the question that's being asked that fifteen pounds makes a huge difference ident size matter matter of reach. He's always giving up. that's huge. That's interesting being competitive. And actually winning fights which i think to him should matter to us. It might not matter to him. It should matter. I think he just needs to we evaluate who booked against and was ali as manager. Yeah i think that covers all you guys right. Don't remember but manager needs to get him he needs for me..

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