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And and so, you know, I, and he also heat Mark is the one more than anyone else that brings up like, I don't know. Just throwing this out there guys is it that bad if we keep him around. I don't know. That's all I'm saying. So I really am not entirely. Sure. What Mark would do also. No. He would he would love for Sam to not be in the jury if especially if he's going to be sitting next to Adam. But, but I I really don't know. I think that there's definitely a chance that he takes out Sam tries to keep Kira around as a potential final to go. Or he tries to take out. I thought maybe he would go after SDN KiKi. But as we'll talk about later in the day. Maybe that's not as on the table as we thought. And so, you know, lots lots of lots of possibilities here for Mark. Maybe he is really gunning for for Sam at this point. And he's certainly telling the other pretty boys that yeah. And so, but we don't know what we can believe because always see Mark being a different person with everybody. And we don't really see he doesn't really talk to the cameras. We haven't really seen a lot of DR's from him. So we have no idea what his who is like the real Mark. But I just he doesn't connect socially as well as some of the others. So I just got a big red flag with him. So power of veto players are going to be picked here, obviously, Chelsea and Kierra will be competing. They will be competing with Sam Corey and Mark. So Sam is competing in the veto the possibility here for Sam to win the veto and take Chelsea off the block is still in play. But then the question becomes can Sam win it. And if she does will she even use it because she talks with Dane, and she's really trying to convince Dane not toback door her. So she's promising him the stars and the moon and everything in between because I will definitely not use the veto. Of course. Not Dane, I would never do that to you just don't backdoor me if I lose. So it's hard to say what Sam actually would have done because spoiler. She lost them. You know, if she wanted, but but there was a lot of controversy about like will she win. We'll she throw it. If she does win will she use it? We're not sure because Dane is just like, hey if. It comes down to you or KIRO you have to win them. But you can't use it. I would never use it. And then he also comes up to the plan of. Hey, also, if you can get Chelsea to throw it to you. That'd be great. And like, I don't know if Sam is that cold hearted, Dan. No, Dane, literally is like it's between you and Chelsea or you Kira you have to win..

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