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Del Valle, Bensalem, Del Valle Bristol discussed on 24 hour News


To wit is time for traffic and transit on the twos when it carol shaping up to be a beautiful morning we we've got some big problems on the pennsylvania turnpike the westbound direction is now blocked between del valle and bensalem about an hour ago couple of tractortrailers involved in an accident other vehicles involved here too so there's a detour everything western the turnpike off at del valle bristol you go from there southbound route 13 the suggested altered it or detour south thirteen takes it down to st road and western street road back to the bensalem interchange that's nearly a forty minute drive through that and therefore so you're not going to be a you're going to be not alone in within this thing as you travel on that a detour but once again it's a top pa turnpike westbound is detour between del valle oh al qaeda but worse for here now they just reopened the turnpike west buick thank you kevin west pa turnpike just in reopened adel vowed that bensalem we're just coming in a moment ago from our producer and the turnpike emission all lanes just reopened unfortunately the damage is done and through that detour routes is talking about is going to be very congested again everything just reopened west pa turnpike as we're speaking on the air here west a benz of the delvalle interchange will take the good news our aid everything else is busy were back up to ninety five southbound backed up a cop in avenue down to gerard and north on 95 watch it we're back in bucks county north ustry road that started up an accident up ahead in the left lane eastern four 22 collegeville on any used on the schuylkill expressway plenty of volume through a four seventy six the blue route generally down to collide when the boulevard down a girard avenue see that with the mealey's furniture jam cam west on the schuylkill expressway passion to south the boulevard out the belmont avenue other delays include the thirty bypass eased gender one thirteen some bus on breaking through and a couple of spots along the way looking at in fairly good shape in new jersey north 42 freeway is jammed approaching one six t h two 95th 555 is jam.

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