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The fucking wait outside. We're GONNA play with puppies fucking stop by. Republicans see as soon. I love playing with the puppy sue but I feel like I'm giving them hope and then when you leave orphanage giving them did you say red band. Yeah I'd like to give a toast to read. Ben Fuck off. Never will you live down? Listen they sound on bonfire. I what I used to do in the mall to and I do it now in quarantine but I I love it better on the road. I used to give myself missions and what it would be like. Okay I want. I want a a certain pen. Or a certain. Watch that I saw on the Internet. It's a casio it's this. It's that I would go on the hunt for this watch. And sometimes they have it in like macy's or the watch store above and I would mind hunted down and when I finally found it or a jacket or a back or something I would give myself missions and I would probably would never it would take me a year or two to get it and then I'd finally get it at some mall in a fucking marshals for ten dollars they'd do the idea of mission. It actually helps you. I do it too and I might. Traveling to foreign countries especially small countries like real foreign countries My friend Ralph talks about is a travel writer called Fleur and means that travel just for the sake of travel so what you do is you. Give yourself a task. So like in Cambodia. When Penn I was like I'm GonNa find some live music. Hopefully it'll be some Cambodia music but like whatever you know whatever kind of music it is and I'm going to find that and then what it does you might find. It might not but it makes you move. It makes you start going because it's trying to find this thing so like that is perfect. What he does is tells his students he goes follow. Pick a color like each pick. Colors like red yellow walk around Paris. Follow that color if you see. Don't go down the street. That's your call it because you're not going anywhere. The Path is the fucking go. That's fucking great. I liked that Juba with Rahman for a couple of years six hundred China trying to find Rahman in the fuck in middle this country and I would find it but another another Another thing I missed a lot. Is I miss every place our go. I would always find a cigar bar and I would go.

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