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Champions League group stage where you do get this sort of pot up fixtures, and actually Sarah isn't used to having these fix your congestion around around Christmas, you know, mid week round right at the end of the year, and it is planning. Something that you need to look at is to how to cope gangs, physically intimate eatings is or the high price and how to do that. Which is something that I also see events need to look at. Yeah. I would say no in as much as we can certainly say it's happened before. I mean, the live per game the cop they were overwhelmed. I think it's also fair to say because of course, fair anyone who wants to see a title rates, you think. Oh, wouldn't it be great? If not could keep this pace the pace they've set this. I still exceptional capcity. Yeah. Yeah. And to lose by one goal off the being reduced to ten men. Wait, any winning it away? The toughest away ground off the event is in the league. I mean, it's not catastrophic is it is. No, it's not a thing. We need to crucify them for. I don't think. So so yes, I think that's a valid criticism. I just don't think it's worth taking to. Okay. But it was a good opportunity for them to try to close the gap something, they didn't always manage you. Because you've into drew to to get used at an answer. How How much much is is this? this? This bring the note three removed back up off that star. Like, I mean, this was really fun football. You know, what this was really fun for? But it's was if you will you rented that was team that you wanna fees on Boxing Day, you know, you've just had your tacky or stand you've just had Christmas lazy? And then you face Gasperini signed. You know is going to be old foster energy all overloads. Is so dynamic in the way, they play and what's important is that they lost two of the players in the round before Palomino and Deloite in defense and many people, you know, they're going to have a makeshift defence. This is going to sign it's going to be decimated at the bag. How has been just gonna how many goals are they're gonna get you know? But as an happens you've been just went away, they got a wonderful because of the the own goal the that land scored, and then all of a sudden, it was all about Gasperini is boys and they needed to take and get Renaldo to come off the bench to rescue them by scoring a goal. They need one by the way, the very end. But this is another thing. This is my my problem with you mentors their midfield is sham. Volokh? I thought that Emory Chan was tactically naive. He had no idea what he should be positioned Menton even off even before getting the right cod, which was just so abysmal. Because sometimes he's again naive in his his foul. Ling? He didn't do anything of any note. I thought this was a very poor match, my his standards. He was slow in dictating the pace. He didn't know how to take control of that midfield will help out deer is just so off the paces. Well, he's a shadow of the player that he was without pm inch. Really? I'm struggling to see what you've been just can do. I mean, this is where they need to go into a market and get themselves midfielder because while you can rely on Benton, call you can rely on betwee, and you can rely on Janet if then available three I don't like any of the substitutes, if I'm very honest about it and to be on. I'm they should've lost because Atlanta where the better, and it's a shame that you know, they managed to get a point these they dropped points and allowed to be somewhat interesting putting which they can translate. But it's that physically imposing size. Don't know how to deal with the couldn't deal with physicality of lean against United. They couldn't deal with the physicality of vans. The panther who just rolled over Banou, gene squid. And how many is that eight goals and five games for about the guys sensation? Yeah..

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