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Can you sing winters award to the theme of strange all right What would be your favorite way for Adam and Ben Sira to continue amazing race team the odd couple salary? -ality show a live debate on our APP. We need more content. What do you WanNa do with Ben? And Adam amazing racing would be pretty fun Yeah would you rather we run the amazing race where they were? I think I'd rather they were on the amazing race. We might fight more. I think for the sake of our friendship. We need to send them. Yes okay for them. All right Let's see Ethan's on Scott has pulled. The shout outs okay. He thens on said. I'm going to show that's rob sister and I think he got a raw end of the stick is Ross Stars but he kind of opened the door this really strategic kind of sarcastic funny but smart game back in the day. Thank you Eaton's on you open the door and other people step throw right throw right throw again go to Ethan's on Dot Com and check out the old school merchandise and help support rare cancer research. Okay here's what Sophie had to say. I think Stephen was a great survivor player. Who MIGHT COME TO MIND? People like Malcolm and Aubrey. I'm not sure I would say. I think they're great television characters but I listen to it. That is probably somebody who hasn't even come back a second. This was really all over the place so fi better than Aubrey is. How I read that. Oh here we go did speech I want to thank. I WANNA thank everybody all the players that I've played with before from South Pacific everywhere from the wine and cheese. Also Kim Sprats Devon's poor Devon's sheesh just because that's fresh in my mind. Stephen Fishbach God period there's been TV period even pushback. God I'm here. It's really hard for good players to make the anymore and I would love to see that happen this season. I think that can be really fun for something. Bigger plans to get together and say there's only one way we're going to do this to change it. Okay all right so I think that the Ethan one should count more because Ethan just said me where you were sort of like a in the list of credits but he it clear that he doesn't actually think you're you're just want to sort of like a gesture at great reasons that he's seen yes. Okay all right. Let's talk about what's coming up. I want to update you guys on what we've been doing in terms of our fundraising over on Patriot. Because I think we're GONNA blow your mind tonight. Okay let's talk about. Of course. Bryce is back great episode of the Purple Pants podcast. I thought that Bryce had some really great stuff to say about last week's episode of Survivor. Of course to see his buddy. Wendell get voted out. I thought he had some really interesting things to say about that and I thought he had a fresh take on the merge episode plus also check out a key. Winokur joined a Bryce to talk about the Netflix series. Unorthodox Stephen Have you seen any of the Hobo? My mother-in-law just recommended that to me is good. Yeah it's interesting not my cup of tea. It's a very serious serious show. There's a woman who ends up She lives in the Hasidic community and she ends up making a run for it. Oh four part four part miniseries. Yeah But you know it's very interesting but you know serious okay Allegory has this our power. Rankings UP AT ROB's website dot com with Victorian Gavin beyond look out for that Puja and Liana the power. Couple his back to talk about the mass singer season. Three episodes seized ten. Sorry top chef is back with the The million voices of the top roundtable is back to talk about the latest episode of top chef. Ru Paul's drag race has a new recap up on the reality. Tv wrap ups as well and then of course find out who the world's biggest AKIVA winokur stand is on the episode. Robin Cuba need a podcast. Very episode of course on news af this week Tyson. Danny and I talked about quimby. Stephen Qube I am. I ninety ninety days free and downloaded some shows. I haven't watched them. Okay all right. Check this out. Shining Shannon Gusts Has a four hour deep dive with survivor? Australia's David check that out. And then she has a five hour recap with nick sister. Nina's himself a five hour. Recap how with Nick Danza. On the deep dive of Pu is GonNa Join Taryn on the survivor update on Thursday. But we're just getting into the survivor. Podcast a Andrea is going to be my guest on the recap episode of course check out the great reporter. Dave Jorgensen is going to join Mike and Liana to play some games on the BNB This Week. Plus find out. Why Adam Lost With David and Jessica Lucid Bloomberg just Lewis and then. Oh what's this Jason Gates is GonNa be the guests that Shannon gusts going to interview her brother on survivor global this week so check that out big survivor fan has Shapiro is going to be my guest on the show. She took over the survivor instagram. Tonight check it out and cons on this week in survivor. Don't forget about the wiggle room coming up on Monday now last week Stephen. I talked about how we were going to be very excited about what we're doing over on Patriot and you know. I think it's a really great thing that we've built with the Ratatouille podcast Patriot community. I think it's very important for people right now because we're also disconnected from one another and it's a great outlet for people and we're doing a lot of fun stuff. A lot of extra shows a lot of activities within the patron community. And I think it's a great great thing especially during this really exciting season of survivor and what. I had announced on the podcast. Last week was that we were going to then for the month of April. If you wanted to become a patron I was going to donate all of the proceeds that came in from the new patron pledges to a charity that delivered to doctors or nurses fighting the corona virus and I also was going to match that contribution. The the listeners came out in force. I was very much blown away and not expecting to have that kind of response even in the last week from April. First to right before we came on today. Two hundred and eighty four. People came onboard. Wow to the tune of that we raise this week. Two thousand five hundred eighty seven dollars. thank God wrong. This is amazing e funding and then I also we'll have to match that you're gonNA put a limit on it like at some point you know. I didn't put a limit on it. I thought that was again. You know not not the smartest player Steven Steven advised to put a limit on it. I I forgot to do that. Nothing is going to happen. Five thousand one hundred seventy eight dollars that we've Total we're going to make that donation this week for the direct relief dot org is the name of the charity that we're going to be working with and then in addition to that. Stephen so I've been approached by a patrons of ROB podcast. Who said Hey. I'm already a patron. I'd like to help support what you're doing so what I also started a gofundme me to also.

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