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Well, the Golden State Warriors have set a franchise record for most three pointers made in a quarter. They may ten of them the first quarter. The fifty one points scored by the Golden State Warriors is an NBA record for most points allowed in a first quarter. Thanks to Allenbach Brennan Stowell for the info on that. Hopefully, those last records we're gonna have to look up tonight. Monte Moore's has a thousand Passover Yoka Chico's off of this the turnover after the time out for Denver Livingston quickly in the front court drives on Murray can't get past it. Now, he's in the paint throws out of it had faked. Igwe dollars three throws at the corner. Here we go Jared co three that one's good. Unbelievable. See later, Katie six eight three to forty things. Twenty three point lead here for the Golden State Warriors joe-marie Murray split the defenders backs up to three point line. Picks up his dribble gets it over to Nicole Yokich at the mid post guarded by Repco. Here comes the double team Yokich steps. Through dribbles gets foul. That's gonna be on Klay Thompson that's three on him. I mean that was just a silly foul from Klay Thompson to he knows. He has to you're going to double team to stay straight up. There's no need even jumper remotely her given opportunity for. Monte Moore's looks in for number throws it into Jamal Murray Murray. Backs up gets it over to Nicole Yokich puts it on the floor shelves green out of the way starts backing him down spins on up under Powell Andrea. Oh now he wants to tax Zack's RBIs. Giving them way too much. Leverage here Trayvon green. Another see up here. Maybe this will do it. I will say this to the Pepsi center. Nuggets dominated and against the warriors. That hasn't always been the case. It is definitely you can feel the excitement for the nuggets. Here free throw on the technical goodbye. Jamal Murray now to person or an and one I'm sorry. Coming up for Nicole yoga. He is still complaining to the crew chiefs acts Arba. Second free throw for Nicole Yokich. I mean, the an one that one's good another within one thousand nine hundred sixty three to forty four. We played a little less than three minutes in the period, Shaun Livingston brings it up. The left side chased by Jamal Murray. Levingston has it picks up the dribble. Lobs it on the elbow to Trayvon green guarded by Nicola Yokich Tremont inside the Arctic terrip goal throws back out to green fifteen hundred jumpers. Little good down Jamal Murray. Murray dribbles behind his back in the back court stops the point guard by Livingston throws it in the paint to Yokich good seal on runners. Nuggets within seventeen here. Sixty three to forty six. Livingston has it up the right side. Top of the key to dream on green and Tobacco cO Livingston's. Livingston right side. Draymond straddles. A three point line over the Thompson for a three pointer jumpers. No good. Rebound comes down to Montana Morris Morris has it up. The right side gets a pick from launch. Oh, he's at the logo by giraffe gets it over to the call Yokich drives on Tremont greet. Again. They double team throws out of it to Monty baseline jumper is up. No, good rebound down to Gerard, co outlet pass over to Livingston Livingston has on the high right side, lobs on the elbow Klay Thompson. Monte Moore's step back wing jumper that one's up in. Nineteen point lead for the Golden State Warriors here, I think it's worth noting to the warriors are getting open looks like the nuggets are contesting majority of their shots, and they're still going in. And there's a foul and Andrei hey, Goodall trying to fight through thick and that'll be Denver basketball on the side here. Kevon looney is gonna come back into the game for the warriors. Also, Quinn, cook come in. And Alphonso McKinney. All back yet. So here's the lineup where I should make a backup some point. Right. Inbound goes to Nicole Yokich guarded by looney hands off behind him to bury turns the corner picks up the dribble free throw line. Jumper is up in keep chipping away goal. Number. One is trying to get this thing down to ten before. Halftime Livingston has it..

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