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Right it's never really true it depends on the airline destination i just keep an eye on all deals i always check on airline prices and in a hotel packages and you go online you can do it and you know you're name a travel app name it oh expedia okay go yeah they have stuff all the time all the travelocity all these apps i check them all the time to add some of you have to be a little more flexible but sometimes you can get an amazing deal does yoga she's flexible you know i got that with their dates let me get a catherine on here listen to katherine katherine love's traveling so much tell everyone what you do to travel abol i got i was trying to do what sam was doing and i gotta victim from my apartment because i love to travel we don't get their apartment here you're going to be in disneyworld you can be on the road all the time you don't need a house hotel so you have that wanderlust going just like we do yeah it's fine homeless but it's fine you do need a nice balance of responsibility and travel so i mean are you back on your feet again are you starting to kick up your reserves again oh yes still traveling so do you regret going into financial ruin in order to experience the world no not young by early twenties so hey it's time to live.

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