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The K. R. L. dis Saturday morning news by mark Willis and there is a report out this week that shows that US tariffs on Chinese made products are having an impact some manufacturers are moving their production out of China by only a few are moving back to the United States the others are going to Southeast Asia or to Mexico K. are real bees Mitch card talking with T. C. U. economics professor John Harvey if this news is a surprise absolutely not I mean and it's you know you and I have been talking about this but I guess at least a year now and I I keep going back to if you really want this to work if you really want to you know if you if you believe that the manufacturing center needs to be sent any need to be re energized support the new subsidized by you directly subsidize US firms so that they can go through the process you know sort of you know building capacity backed up in training and so on I mean what what we're doing right now it's like you have a bucket in your front yard and you gonna fill it by turning on your sprinkler system is going to get some water and a bit but really just get the hose and put it straight in you know it if you want that industry to succeed then we directly help them president of course people are just going to go to other places that have cheap labor I don't move too far away from China and and the whole thing with the church's old time will put them on on the one on our loan and well I don't know is an American manufacturer with a not it's safe to undertake this this enterprise or not is not all the press one of the people who was quoted in the USA today report indicated that it would take him love like up to seven years to get things ready to do the manufacturing in this country right and and you know so not only would that mean that we would have to have a long term commitment for US policy which is a you know mention is is not entirely clear issue at the moment but you also have to convince somebody whose family depends on them doing you know a a good job and earning profits to commit to such a long time it is well there's got to be something out there that makes it safer to you know build a and a new factory no higher than it does to build in Cambodia and that's not the case right now is it simply the cheap labor is that what because the the the leaving early in years past of the various industries well I tell my students you know if I have my factory in in China I can dump on my industrial waste in the Yankee I can have my workers working gasoline suits over you know over open flames we don't allow that over here in so which I think is probably a good idea so you know did did not just the wages per se but also the associate a cost of doing business and the Chinese subject not you know not always they're very low standards for for health and safety but they also subsidizing industries so that they could do the long term commitment without the same amount of risk and it's Carol these image car in DC you economics professor John hardy another successful foreign game show is coming to the United States and this one is for adults who still think like children country's best lego building.

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