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Wow Sharon Jesus. You need to start taking breaks during the longer interviews. Just I'm fine for people are listening. Would those are numbers for men in the Dow. Teaching is that women walk away from an orgasm undiminished but it takes something out of guys. We're making prostaglandins making hormones. Were doing something so whatever the deal is. I found that that was I mean. This is a year worth of experimenting. It wasn't entirely pleasant right. I could have more sacks shirt but there's something to that in terms of like if you're going to go and do something really beg. You might not want to ejaculate late the night but that's the old like football. Don't have sex before the game type of thing. It's real yeah that's great because of a physical toll is taking interest. Women are like I'm going to have less orgasms. 'cause you're drops if you're a woman and you don't have orgasms. It's not good site either me lamenting lately about the fact that I don't jerk recall that much we've had many conversations recently with different guys in our friendship circle white how much they do one of her friends does like before they're out of bed in the morning and I'm like like wow I'm jerking once every couple weeks and I was nervous about it. I thought Oh my volatility is low. Abbott now. Feels like it might have yeah I subscribe to the devil is this is this the seventh grade definition like I didn't finish. I would never jerk off and not have an orgasm at this stage in my life. I have no shame aim about masturbating. Thank God anymore but you keep saying one eighty I took gerontology class in college and they said basically potential life span for us is is a species is one fifty where where where's one eighty come from. It's interesting. They chose one fifty. That's pretty aggressive most people I know we can do one twenty because we have people who are one twenty and I've been working in this anti-aging nonprofit field for twenty years. I've learned things for people three times my age you have more energy the night did and I know what's happening because I just wrote the book about it from interviewing six hundred people about it on my show we're cracking the code of aging and if we cannot with our combined resources as a species and the internet which allows us to find research that would have been hidden for decades AIDS before if we can't do fifty percent better than our best today over the next hundred years it's because there's been Zombie Apocalypse or an asteroid hit the Earth Ed fifty percent improvement of Now is not even very good. You look at what we were doing. One hundred years ago we were fighting World War. One on horses in this is a hundred two years. That's how big it is and the last hundred years and we're moving slowly right and right now we're using we're using all these cool technologies to build new technology algae sort exponentially getting better. I don't even think I'm being very crazy pants with one eighty now a truck at him you tomorrow if something bad could happen but barring things like that this. This is not crazy pants. There are people who are going to have live longer than one hundred eighty. It is already in in. It's happening now. Do you know Brett Weinstein Weinstein Weinstein Weinstein do he will. He's an evolutionary biologist just text him the other day saying here's what. I don't understand your cells. Go through my toes. They make a perfectly identical copy of themselves. If everything works they have the power to make an identical copy of themselves. I text him and said Ed if we can make an identical copy of our somatic cells through my toes. Why evolutionary did US dying ever benefit the species because there's really no reason that an animal couldn't live forever and there would be no cost evolutionary because you would just be able to spread your genes longer and longer and longer it really begs the question why dines even a part of the biological equation because it doesn't have to be there is a realm in which you start making an identical copy of myself this day going forward and there's no creepy jeans. That's destroying Tissot. You know these other signs of aging. Why is that not possible. Why hasn't that ever happened. What would you eat. What would I eat. Let's say eight a Gel packet that was completely scientifically engineer that the that came from what something that plants so the plants headed. I feed them. What are the plants son. No plenty of dead people poop. That's what plans he won't now because plants for around before dead people one poop they had bacteria dead bacteria that they reading the dead plants but in all seriousness we we would have no soil on the planet without these. He's amazing. PROBIOTIC sources giant herds of buffalo elephants giraffes jeep goats pigs chiller spreading seed in but the seeds. It's actually the POOP. You actually need to have a carbon cycle right so if we have animals that never die then we'd have no predators right and if you are a species that was engineered to never die you would never reproduce and you wouldn't have the one. I reproduced because you get eaten and if reproducing you never die you get overpopulation into the planet right so you'd you'd need all of the food in your environment especially if you weren't a human but even in the model where five of the two hundred person small hunting and gathering group group live forever they would pass their genes on indefinitely and slowly that ratio of people with that don't die would become one hundred percent over the course of five generations or whatever ray. I still don't understand the tool by which it's going to self correct and there's no record of those mutation still around. You know what I'm saying. There's what what would act against the animal that live forever to correct it overpopulation okay so there'd be overpopulation and let's say eighty percent of the people would die of starvation or male nutrition but those twenty percent would still be around. That's a completely valid point. I just I think the the mere fact that we don't have a single example of a carbon based life form that has live forever. I mean we have Koi fish that live for two hundred years. We've trees live for ten thousand years all these things naked mole rats and these cool corners species the fact that thus as far we've not found anything that has been around since five billion years ago when the earth was formed to me seems like there's something weird that but let's get a little bit woo here here. Okay good all right one of the really interesting books I read. The name is escaping right. Now and author's name is todd. The forward in this book is it's something about states of consciousness but the forward of the book is by the Dalai Lama many times without Allama roads the forward for books. I don't know he's very popular pretty much. Never okay. I can see him doing this book. Yeah okay yeah friend. Dr Is A and this book was about the evolutionary biology arguments arguments for bring carnation and this is a hard core science guy who rewrites USB drivers to talk to brain stimulation things things he went and he said here's all the reasons that it would make sense that consciousness move between lives but meet needs renewal and that solves a lot of problems in and one of the biggest issues here is Abba genetics. We're going through an environmental chantrey now. It is actually getting hotter than it used to be and there are some fantastic taste amazing studies of bacteria. They take bacteria that do not metabolize lactates. This is a type of milk sugar and they put them in an environment where they don't have the genes to do it. That are turned on their. They will starve magically. They change and they turn on lactate production. long-dormant long-dormant genes in order to do this and their environment but their offspring doing anyway so there's all kinds of weird things that happen where life will change more rapidly piddly then genetics predicts mutation model would suggest it's probably because the U. from a thousand years ago probably wouldn't survive very well in today's environment but if you believe any of that past life stuff and I've done some very wise people who've come to grips with the fact the that is the part of the world that they live in including a guy wrote this book they're saying you know maybe we're living. We just don't really perceive it that way. I find there's a great mystery here. Oh yeah there's yeah we know billionth of his wife in just waving your nicotine around us even offer me a spring twice all that you have won over that was Martin Susannah. Martin offering is windows. Superhuman come out. Let me just ask you tober eighth it hits it's shelves at Seville preorder. You get a Dave asprey dot com and there's a bunch of interviews with anti-aging experts. He can't get in other places and we just need the one big questions why one eighty but what you didn't ask about was overpopulation and I'm telling people in here. Here's the seven things that are making your old and the four things you have to not do. Don't I have these four things and fifty seven even things with some small tweaks in your odds of feeling really good when you're old and living longer go way up like it's it's pretty straightforward but what happens if people live a lot longer like what what about the overpopulation problem Let's talk about it because you know it's funny. Maybe this is related or it's not related. I constantly stress out about the fact they're seven billion people here and I think it seems untenable Hannibal and all these things but I did think oh my gosh. This is the easiest problem that can be solved of all the problems we have because literally if just we cut the birth rate in half. We're GONNA shrink precipitously but then I started worrying about what that does the world economy in lack of growth and all this money. We've lent that demands. We have you know three percent level of of all the stuff. I went straight to the economics of downsizing on the planet but it is a problem that could be fixed in thirty years truly. All that has to happen is we. We don't reproduce for thirty years and our population goes in half. My first book was a book on fertility. My wife was in fertile when I met her. We had our first child at thirty thirty nine one at forty two with no fertility systems other than food and supplements and getting hormones dialed in her medical practice now she does consulting over the Internet but wow so we know a lot what about fertility five years of writing a book thirteen hundred references my own children at stake okay. We don't have a global population problem. We have a global fertility told problem. The fertility rate in every developed country is plummeting now. If you want to have kids and you can't have kids. There's your thirty year thing the goal oh population problem. It's a single generation problem. The world is too polluted. People are unable to have kids and the kids are less valuable than they ever have been that will get solved over the next sixty years. I'm planning to be around planning for my kids to be around to see it right. So what I'm more worried about over. Sixty years is the destruction of our soil and the pollution of the oceans because we need them to soak up carbon. Yeah and that's going to be much more ugly problem than there being too many people right but let's just talk about what the world looks like. If people listening to this now like Oh old old-age isn't tubes diapers forgetting my name and giving all my money to the hospital before I die right. This is pretty much the picture most people have yeah what if the picture was when I'm old I'm going to be the village elder and I'm going to have the ability to have the energy the memory and the desire to share decades of wisdom with the next generation and this is actually what old age has been through all societies throughout all of history except the does Norwegians where they were just pushed him off a cliff and got old so other than that It's actually been this way. So do you want to talk someone. I was married fourteen times and I finally got it right..

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