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And undergone more treatment for cancer completing a three week course of radiation therapy that focused on a tumor in her pancreas a Supreme Court statement says the tumor was treated definitively and there's no evidence of disease elsewhere in our body as a trade war with China intensifies president trump is telling US companies to stop doing business with China Beijing announced it will impose new terror of sun seventy five billion dollars of U. S. products that's in retaliation for Mr trump's plan ten percent tariffs on three hundred billion dollars of Chinese goods next month CBS's we Jiang has more the president is keeping us on our toes because we don't know exactly how he plans to respond we can tell you that just a short bit ago he wrapped up a meeting here at the White House with his trade team and just over a week ago someone specifically asked him you know what happens when China retaliates and the president said he didn't think that was gonna happen but if they did they would face the quote all to make to form of retaliation the president is blasting the federal reserve for doing nothing at its annual get together in Wyoming CBS news business reporter Jason Brooks fed sure Jerome Powell told is Jackson Hole audience that the central bank will act as appropriate as the global economy slows down he didn't spell out a rate cut in September but said the fed will act as appropriate to sustain the U. S. economic expansion conservative political activist and billionaire industrialist David coca's died at seventy nine after a long battle with cancer with his brother Charles David was a major force behind the scenes of Republican politics funding candidates and causes that match their economic philosophy political analyst Larry Sabato favorite joke was a libertarian particularly on economic issues he was a strong supporter of free trade and for that reason was not supportive of president trump investigators are trying to figure out why a Georgia woman killed her grown son and daughter before taking her own life fifty eight year old Marcia Edwards bragged about her grown children on social media shortly before she and her son and daughter were found dead in their town house in Cobb county northwest of Atlanta she wrote on Instagram that she quote could not ask for better children police say Edwards killed herself after fatally shooting her twenty four year old son and twenty year old daughter the younger victims father is Edwards ex husband and a prominent at letter surgeon Jim chrysalis CBS news stocks down across the board the Dow was off five hundred forty three points this is CBS news rocket mortgage by quicken loans rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience push button get mortgage.

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