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Once and for all that she could never leave him. Because according to Geoffrey quote, God is preparing me for something he is directing both our lives and quote, despite Jeffries checkered work history and abusive his wife. He was still allowed to teach bible study class at the local hour LDS church in Independence, Missouri at the time. The rift between fundamentalist Mormonism and liberal Mormonism that Jeffrey had experienced in college was coming. To a head in April of nineteen Eighty-four. The RL DS governing body held a worldwide conference where they voted to allow women to be ordained to the priesthood. Jeffrey was horrified and decided to make his bible study class into a haven for fundamentalist church members. He preached that RL d. s. was God's only true church and that God would punish any disbelievers. He was a terrifying, but charismatic lecturer and do a class of about twenty loyal students. Two of his most passionate followers were named Cheryl and Dennis Avery dead grown up in our LDS households and admit during church. Weekend retreat for singles. The couple had three daughters Trina, Rebecca, and Karen, the couple wasn't popular in the church or in general due to their social awkwardness. Another member of the church said of the agencies quote, I think one of the reasons why the Avery's latched onto Jeffrey Alice was because they were nicer to them than most people in the church. The Avery were not particularly easy to like labor, Wimpy, mousy people, and a lot of members simply voided them and quote. However, the series had something in common with the Lundgren's they hated how liberal the church was becoming, and even thought that Satan could be corrupting the mind of Joseph Smith's descendants. But even they were challenged when Jeffrey made a startling claim in class Jesus Christ in God were one in the same. Jeffrey wasn't referring to the holy trinity, which in the cap. The tradition suggests that the father, son and Holy Ghost are distinct but made of the same essence. He meant they were indistinct from each other part of what made that claim. So disturbing to RDS members was that Jesus Christ and God had appeared together to Joseph Smith and vision. So essentially, Jeffrey was calling Joseph Smith a liar. Jeffrey said that he had unearthed different accounts of Smith's vision that supported what he was saying. But church elders were nevertheless appalled and discontinued his class. Jeffrey was so sure that he was right that he refused to apologize for his assertion and instead move the class to his home. He was followed only by his most dedicated students, including Dennis and Cheryl. Avery and Denison, Tanya, Patrick, Jeffrey then had another vision. This one involved, his student, Dennis Patrick. He claimed that he and Dennis were walking along a path and Jeffrey was given a set of gold pleats different than the ones that Joseph Smith had been. Given his vision, Jeffrey brought the plates to Wallace b Smith, the current head of the church, but God told him that the are LDS church had gone astray and could not help him translate the plates. Jeffrey continued on his search for a way to translate the plates. Even when Dennis Patrick tried to take them from him, Jeffrey interpreted the vision like this quote. I think it means that God wants me to bring forth some new revelation. I think it means that Wallace b Smith is a fallen prophet and is leading the church destruction. I think it means that Dennis Patrick will try to stop me from accomplishing task because he will be more worried about winning the glory of the world than the glory of God and quote, Jeffrey shared his entire vision with Alice. And then with his followers, though he left out the part about Dennis Patrick's betrayal when he preached this in class, they didn't think it was so strange because as Tanya, Patrick, put it quote, if you had gone to any Wednesday night prayer service that week, you. Probably would have seen someone stand up and talk about how God had inspired them to say something or shown them vision and quote, Jeffrey became obsessed with the vision doing everything he could to become worthy of receiving the new revelation that God was going to give him one day during a scripture study. He thought he had found a passage in the book of Mormon that told him what to do next. It read quote for this 'cause I gave unto you the commandment, but you should go to the Ohio and there I will give unto you my law and there you shall be endowed with power from on high and from thence, who so ever. I will shell go forth among all nations and it Shelby told them what they shall do and quote, although God had originally given this order to go to a high, oh, to Joseph Smith, Jeffrey was so self important that he thought God was talking directly to him. And as if God had planned it. Alice noticed an advertisement in the church newsletter for volunteers to go work as tour guides at the kirtland temple in. Hi, oh, where Jeffrey allegedly cured his old friend, Jim, the position was unpaid, but the church would cover housing and utilities. It was like a miracle, Jeffrey told the members of his class and they through the Lundgren's a going away party. Sharell Dennis, Avery were thrilled for them and Cheryl told Jeffrey quote. This is so exciting. You've got to tell us what you find there and quote Jeffrey was convinced that everything else in his life had been leading up to this move saying, quote, the Lord Ed chosen me me for a great mission. I truly believe that. And I saw this as a new adventure, a new start. We were going on God's path and I wasn't going to let him down. I was going to do whatever God commanded and quote, Jeffrey Alice Lundgren along with their four children arrived in kirtland Ohio. On August nineteenth, nineteen Eighty-four. They moved into the church provided housing, which was directly next door to the beautiful kirtland temple. Jeffrey began his training as a tour guide. The temple just a day after his family's arrival in kirtland his eagerness so impressed. The head of the temple staff that Geoffrey was put in charge of the financial records of the temple. In addition to his tour duties, Jeffrey would oversee the offerings left at the temple and the sales visitor's center, which usually amounted to about twenty thousand dollars a year. Although Jeffrey was well respected at the temple, they weren't paying him anything and the family was struggling to survive around that same time Jeffries old navy buddy, Kevin, curry. The one he had converted to Mormonism arrived for a visit. Jiffy told Kevin about an amazing discovery he'd made in the book of Mormon. There's a certain passage that said, a prophet would help usher in science in independence. That's why Joseph Smith had moved his followers there, but Jeffey thought that men had added in that passage later, the real location of Zion wasn't kirtland Hieaux Kevin believed with Jeffrey told him and started visiting Jeffrey whenever he could, but Jeffey didn't. Have the high opinion of Kevin that Kevin had of him. He said, quote, Kevin, wasn't that much different from all the others who eventually joined my group. They were all drawn to me because there is something lacking in their own personalities in lives. They wanted me to provide it for them. They were week I was strong. I was there host and quote. In January of nineteen. Eighty five Kevin became the first person to move into the Lundgren home in order to be closer to Jeffrey and learned from him. He also agreed to hand over his entire paycheck every month directly to Jeffrey rather than being thankful. Jeffrey used the opportunity to exploit Kevin further. Soon, Kevin was doing all the household chores. In addition to being the only one in the household with a paying job. Jeffrey also began to take more people under his wing, including Sharon bluntly, and Danny craft, both interns at the kirtland temple. Neither of them knew anyone in town and both were lonely. Jeffrey saw them as perfect targets. Like most leaders, Jeffrey was skilled at identifying people's vulnerabilities so that he could

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