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Billy bob thornton now there's a guy who sinned on the show who's never been mentioned other show but he should be for two reasons one he me the greatest would be of all time bed is bears okay actually was a remake the he should be mentioned because he was dating angelina jolie when she made out with her brother on the red carpet and justice or he put up with a lot for yet he was like a really good boyfriend to her yeah but like and i've also we made her life jail osmond staten entourage the movie yes oh my god but he was aided for five minutes introduces us to help y'all hills acting crazy like having girls each other out he rails beckham entourage is so good actually thing is going to start watching the sopranos but like such women yeah and like we're so busy i wanted to start watching the sopranos like what inspired me what so this is a crazy story facebook like those videos that you love like tasty and shit like they have ads rolling in the middle like i'm watching a video of a sudden car commercial zero poorly down just like make me watch before every time i want to give me they wanted says addis starting immediately stop watching this i don't want facebook to think that this is working like i don't want to give them my metric do you know what i mean you want the metric to be epic found break and then i was watching this video the other day that actually was so good i watched the for the first time i was withstood the ad and it was a vice video with action brunson making a sandwich and i have absolutely no idea who action bronson is except me and then went to the wwe like celebrity influence or thing and they sat everyone in like the same area so sitting extra schuyler aston and this big fat huge guy was in front of me i'd never seen people come up tim so much with such respects like the word in hebrews ice he of bowed like they were just like man like you're so talented like anger.

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