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Want no one on this date In 1939. It was the Cincinnati Reds in the Brooklyn Dodgers splitting a doubleheader. Was the first major league baseball game ever broadcast on TV. They played Evans Field in Brooklyn on experimental television station W. Two x B s experimental television station. They used two cameras. Red Barber announced the game One camera was behind home plate. The second was on the it was in the second tier seating. Behind home plate, the others on the third base side near the Reds dugout, Cincinnati won the first game 5 to 2. They'd fall in the nightcap 6 to 1 and later become New York's modern day WNBC. Yeah, it is what it was. I see you considering that in 1937. There was probably five televisions, right? They probably got about a 99 share Go. So what year did A J has come on the air? Because I know like W. W. J celebrating 100 this time. We're coming up. I'm really going down there. So you're talking. This was relatively this was relatively what 20 years after Ah TV or radio came on the air that they fucked that they had the first baseball game on TV. That's pretty impressive, actually. Well, I thought both of you there's a couple other things were Commemorating today. Today's national Dog Day, and Scott has been a dog converted converted dog lover. I know that you didn't hate dogs, but no, I didn't. I just wasn't. I mean, we had two basset hounds growing up my whole life and I have terrible allergies. And my old man puffed on heaters combined with it, so I spent my whole, you know, basically childhood on private. He missed I did, but but to your but you know you fall in love with you with you. You're always a dog and well, he's just got a dog, which he loves way more than his cats. And also, William Rogers had resonate with this that today is national toilet paper Day. So there you have it. According to your good luck finding some I just I've been able to do okay with the local grocery go to and I did. I couldn't forget what? Because everybody's looking for the clocks, wives and everybody, Why don't they just manufacture Mohr? And apparently, according to all reports, I can read. They're using the material that they make those wives for for pp as well, like there's certain gowns that are made out of The same stuff that the wife's. It's not that they just can't produce more of the thesis, anti zing materials that the material that actually make the wife's with they can't produce. Yeah, if you feel the wipes their They are. They do have that kind of mask texture. If you must lie in the gutter soaked in, right, Ah, so one of the things I was looking at this. The toid paper actually was created in the sixth century in China. It's somewhere in the six century and then let's say we had in 1964 Sharman produced perfumed one play. Ah, toilet tissue. And north white. Good Northern tissue invented splitter Free toilet paper in 1935, You're free. Whoa, whoa, whoa you paper Making this is there's often failed to remove small splinters from the finished product is made out of wood. You know, this is probably by that, but it's probably before Willie's time. And you don't remember in the eighties. My parents always had. I think it was cotton. L made the different pastel colored toilet paper like We got it looked like you had lucky charms in your in your bathroom because I remember that. Yeah, there was like bright pink. And then there was blue. And then there was yellow. I saw something on social media about that made me think of that the other day that you imagine A splinter free toilet paper. Hey, look who's free, disturbing on every level. And.

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