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He's a good dairy. Take me side to help me out and guys like Georgia alaska is. That's why i always respect everybody. So you go from the from riding riding kademi. How long did you get how long to get to the racetrack from there. I mean i like tell everybody. I did everything wrong. I i learned at the racetrack which she probably shouldn't do should learn how to form. I start writing at a track. I was accurate. I learned start riding out which you got to go to a little little minor attracting mistake you policy self up. Then he comes to a major track and number three. I signed a contract with what a what a trainer which you know i. It was those days. you didn't sign a contract. You wouldn't ride you. So i wonder if sign a contract and and i did everything wrong and i i. I try to help riders today. And i try to you know point to you know. Try to make better decisions than i did. You know you were just learn on the fly. I mean nobody is helping. You never know family and you just really learn on the fly. Exactly i mean i just it was to me. It was It was trial and error. I make a mistake. I try to improve. Look at everybody. We didn't have the size of that day. You know so you had to get bail. Hey you know and i. It was just like i started from scratch you know. Look at look at georgie. Look at a scenario and the ride is i wrote against dern to all year round at accurate duck major made you be a better rider and you made it. You made it in on the new jersey circuit new york circa acqueduct in the winter. And then he did. Great around jersey park's place like that. I mean i'd be good in the winter when when much april came around you know i kind of knew it was going to get tough. Everybody come back from florida. And i just didn't wanna you know. I wanted to write a whole card horses and doolittle bit and be successful. I went to mama park which wind up being the best times in my life And then i come back again in the winter the full ride in the meadowlands and and belmont beaumont duct put. I mean i did a lot of traveling in my life and you want a lot of raises. How many rates did you win. Total forty one hundred races forty one hundred forty races and i did it the hard way night and day in day i mean people say oh why you racist once you retire. We had no slot machines those days. We had no sports betting so we couldn't i. Couldn't you know. I couldn't have those person you know. I couldn't you know the person they got today. They weren't there yesterday. You know should have been a jump. You talk about no purchase. Let me tell you i wrote. I will thirty seven thousand races. And you yourself and my buddy hendricks and i seen him. Reid jumped races. And i would never do those now. Those those arrive is that have nerve and steel. God bless them. Why did you make it hard work. Talented manhattan how did you make it. I mean i was athletic. I was. I was okay. I was located riot hard work. I mean i would really miss them warning out every morning. Hit every bond. You know Try to try to work horses for trainers on. And i tried to i. Would i work horse to ride for them. I would try to open as many doors as i can. You know there's two things. My father blessed me with when he blessed me wit was hard work but another thing. I was cursed. With my whole i was a temple. You know. And i am the first amid i mean. I wish i never had a temple. I wish i walked around the racetrack. The jockeys who mica ramon dominguez gentlemen sauce spoke in. But i i apologize for my temper. I really i've played a few softball games. Your brother that's born into that family. That's what i said. I said it's the breeding. You know my brother. he always intense. You know nowadays if somebody's a good rider and he's got a temper. They called intents. I was just. It was the temple but yes me and my brother. We do have a temper to say so. What about the epoch. Five rounder Harry rice talked about that. Is that temper temper induced. I guess you know to jockeys combeback opens everybody going back into the same locker room temperature once in a while probably day to later we probably shake cans and make friends you know nowadays. It's just you know the probably sue you or you know you got to go to court so you know it was it was it was kind of like you know in those days when you know you shake hands about a month later to two weeks later on your friends. You know who won the fight. I think it was a dead. He s dead. He'd so i'll let harry ask it out one temples. That's something you had to try to control where you recognize that or in the heat of the moment being a jacket stuffed actually recognize your flaws and try to.

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