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Pennzoil? Performance Line like all of our guests do here on keyshawn Jalen Zubin I know it's going to be the next draft but when these guys start going again in October he is really look key watch a lot of film and I'm just guy that's watching the game he pops off screen. When you see him, he looks like he belongs and he's just one of those guys that it's easy to spot an offensive player. But for for a guy like that, just a fan spotting a defensive players a little bit harder when you're just watching the TV, but he's one of those guys POPs top ten draft prospect for Mel Kiper Junior. Well Yeah. The the longtime defensive back coach. Coach coons over at Ohio. State has a history of getting guys ready for the next level but also identifying highschool prospects in getting them ready for Ohio state style football I mean, there's a long history I can go all the way back to like Shawn Springs just you just keep going back to Lattimore and you look at Jeff Khuda and you look at Dingy Award. You just keep going on and on and on, and now here's another one. You know it's just that's what they do. They just reload they don't bill they just reload still to come are smart picks. What we're watching for this weekend. There's more than football going on this weekend. So we'll get our smart picks on what you need to tune in to after just a little bit. Good Morning. Welcome back Keyshawn J. Will Zubin key just regaling us from some great stories about playing for the legendary bill parcells who by the way very twenty twenty bill texting into the show this morning. Well, he's not under a rock. No, I'm just. You know. You. Guys think would older Oh, they're not going to Texas so. They don't want to have to do with the future there. So in the past, but that's how that's how great coaches evolve you know whether it's bill bill check or poor sales or or Pat Riley. When he's upstairs, he understands how to navigate situations in Miami the Miami Heat in how to deal with people you can't be like stuck in your ways when you stuck away it's not going to go wrong if you think about Tom Coughlin he stuck in his ways for a minute with the giants he realized you know what I'm not GonNa win if I don't loosen up that that I have a meeting at nine and you need to be here at eight forty, five stuff that dues. You know they're like no forget that you got involved evolve like in any business got to have all speaking Pat Riley. We'll talk about the heat and being halfway home to the NBA finals with J.. J. Will is GONNA join us. Merge he's GONNA join. Forces for J.. Reaction to the heat treat him just like a guest to wash..

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